OSRS – How to Get to Canifis

There are requirements to be met before you can travel to this small town.

Old School Runescape players that have been trying to learn more about Canifis are in the right place. Here we will be covering everything you need to know about the location prior to visiting. If you’re looking for specific items to aid you on your visit to Canifis, be sure to check out a few websites where you can find OSRS items for sale that you may not have.

What is Canifis in OSRS?

Players can find Canifis near Varrock. It is east of this location and serves as a small town in the world of Morytania. The only way in which you can get to Canifis is if you have finished the Priest in Peril quest previously. 

It won’t take you very long to figure out the theme of the area either. Those that dwell here are werewolves disguised as humans. To further enhance this imagery, you may notice that there are shops and inhabitants that have canine references in them. Despite this, the most interested part is arguably the secret base from The Myreque storyline. 

How to Get There to Canifis

No need to find OSRS gold for sale to reach Canifis, as there are many ways in which we can get there for free. To the west of Canifis you’ll find Varrock, with Port Phasmatys to the east and Mort Myre Swamp to the south. If you are at the Morytania Slayer Tower, then you’ll find Canifis to the south-east of this location. 

To get to Canifis, you can use a teleport. This will require the Kharyll Teleport being used with the Ancient Magicks spell. Or you could use one of your portals in your house if you have a Portal Chamber to reach this destination too.

Those who would prefer to use a fairy ring can also do so, using the code C.K.S. Should you end up using this code, you will find yourself to the west of where Canifis is, so simply head east from where you are teleported to. 

Speaking of teleports, you can try using an ectophial to get near to Canifis. However, you will need to have completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest before you can get your own. There is also a graveyard outside of Canifis, which you can get to with the Salve Graveyard Teleport. As mentioned, the Morytania Slayer Tower is nearby, meaning a Slayer ring can teleport you to near where you need to be. 

What’s in Canifis?

There are some places of interest in Canifis, where you can spend your OSRS GP and improve your skills There’s the Canifis Rooftop Course which you can check out if you’ve gotten your Agility level past 40. If you have OSRS gold to spend, then there are clothes shop here called Barker’s Haberdashery. You’ll find this shop over to the north, with capes costing 20 OSRS GP, and everything else setting you back 650 OSRS gold. The majority of OSRS items are restricted to members only, but you can trade capes and coloured gloves if you have an F2P account. 

Players who need to find a bank can find one to the east, or if you’d like to work on more Slayer tasks then Mazchna is in the area. Along with a tannery, there’s a taxidermist as well so if you have any hides or heads that you would like tanning or stuffing, then you’ll find them here. 

Need to take a rest? Head over to the Hair of the Dog. This is an inn where bartender Roavar will offer you a moonlight mead in exchange for 5 OSRS gold. This inn is also a recognisable place from certain quests, with NPCs inhabiting the inn that you see on particular adventures. Those that have completed In Search of the Myreque will find a ladder behind the building, which acts as a shortcut to take you to Mort’ton.

Other areas of interest include the Mushroom Patch. The bittercap mushroom patch that you find to the west of Canifis is utilised for the farming skill. Anyone looking for raw meat will find it in the raw meat shop by the bank. 

There is plenty of reasons for you to pay a visit to Canifis. Though you will need to have completed particular quests, it is pretty accessible after you have met the necessary requirements. There are a few places to splash the OSRS gold if you’d like to, or you can brush up on some of your skills whilst you are here. 

Have you managed to visit Canifis in Old School Runescape, yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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