How to Make or Edit Video Online?


Want to share videos on social media networks for marketing or entertainment purposes but with little to zero video creation and editing skills? In this case, an easy-to-use online video editor becomes the most suitable for video enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for video editing software, a tool for making short videos with photos and music, or for making video tutorials by recording your computer screen, I assure you that you will surely find the solution that will satisfy you. In this article, you can take a look at our review of FlexClip, an easy-to-use, and feature-rich editing tool.


FlexClip makes it easy to create short videos, even for beginners. However, it probably won’t be enough if you work a lot with videos, but as a beginner or intermediate video creator, it can be a good option.

Which is the Best and Easy video editor?

FlexClip is a video maker owned by PearlMountain Limited, which has existed since 2006 and which also has several other products that are used in over 100 countries.

You could say that FlexClip is both an easy-to-use video maker and online video editing software. It’s a tool that helps you create and edit videos with minimal effort. It supports many audio, video and photo formats, and lets you import your content with a simple drag and drop. You just have to use your imagination and creativity before sharing your creations with others.

It is, therefore, according to your needs that you will decide whether it is the right tool for you or not. But let’s take a closer look at the possibilities offered by FlexClip so that you can see for yourself.

Video Editor features

As an online business owner, I’m still interested in testing new tools, so when I heard about this project, I decided to test it.

So, is this really a great and easy way to make videos, or is it just hype? And is it free or what is the real price?

That’s what I’m going to talk about in this FlexClip review.

So if you want to know exactly what it offers and what you can use this tool for, you’ve come to the right place.

So let’s get started!

Feature 1 – Create Stories

The main idea of ​​FlexClip is that you can create short videos that can be a great way to get a message across.

You get a storyboard where you can build your video stories. You can use images, videos, text, and backgrounds. You can also trim video clips you import, convert the video format, merge videos, split videos, add a watermark, and more. Or you can choose only to use images and create an online slideshow.

Overall, the storyboard is fairly easy to use, but you will know more about how to set it up later. For now, let’s focus on what else FlexClip offers once you start editing your videos online.

Feature 2 – Templates

If you are new to online video editing, it can sometimes be difficult to get an idea to get started. This is why models can be very useful.

They can be an easy way to get started, and they can be a great inspiration for creating your own promo videos or tutorial videos. You can find models that make getting started easier.

There are around 150 models for different purposes, such as wedding videos, marketing videos, announcements, birthday party invitations, mother’s day promotion, real estate agency video, social media videos (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), and more.

In my opinion, the models are pretty good, and they give you a good idea of ​​what you can do with FlexClip.

So by opening a few of them, you will have great ideas, and then you can adjust the template to your liking, or you can start a new video from scratch.

You can edit all texts, images, videos, etc. to make it easy to create your own.

Feature 3 – Add text, logo, and music

You can easily add text or music to your story. The text will be added to each part of the video, while music will be for the entire video.

There are text styles that you can use to make the text look good without much effort, and you can also use pre-made samples for logos and text together.

FlexClip also gives you access to a large music library, a stock of videos, a stock of pictures that you can use for your videos.

You can find a lot of stock music that you can use. You can either search for music in the search bar or browse the many categories.

The screenshots show only part of the categories, and there are many more, so there is a good selection of music and sound clips to make your stories more interesting.

Feature 4 – Export your video

When you create your story, you should, of course, be able to export it.

You can choose to export it in different resolutions, and you will get it as an mp4 file. The resolution of the output video reaches 1080p.

To conclude, it is a perfect tool for beginners. We encourage you to try this easy-to-use tool if you want to edit small videos or slide shows without downloading programs! The big advantage is that it is free and really easy to use. The controls are very intuitive, and you can export good quality video content!

So to give you an overview before deciding whether it is useful for you or not, let’s finish by summarizing the pros and cons.


– Modern and easy to use interface.
– Video templates to choose which make it easier to get started.
– Stock Videos and Royalty Free Music.
– The web interface allows access from any device.
– Powerful editing tools to meet your needs
– You can try it for free


– Lack of Undo button.
– The duration of the video output is short.

Overall, I would say that I was actually very positively surprised after testing FlexClip. If you need to edit videos online without downloading software, this is probably the perfect way to do it.

However, if you work professionally with videos and create a lot of them, it is likely that this will not be enough for your needs. But if you have a limited budget and want to create videos online easily, then this can be a good option, in my opinion.

If you have any comments, questions, or if you have experience with FlexClip video editor yourself, I would like your comments below.