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How to Make Text Small for Social Media Posts?


Social media is a storm of information and you can get content on several topic domains.
The trend of reading through books is fading away gradually as people are more
comfortable with social media pages. However, this growing trend has also increased the
level of competition between brands.

This is where the use of small text comes into play. It is a unique way of representing text.
As the appearance of the text differs from the standard fonts, users notice it.

Why use small text for social media post titles?

A good social media post title plays an integral role in getting traffic. Most readers check
the title of the post and then decide whether they want to read the remaining part of the
content or not. If the title is boring and ordinary, a user would probably quit the idea of
reading the content irrespective of how well written it is.
Similarly, if the title is good and attractive, a reader would spend time on reading the
content even if it is not exceptionally well written. The use of small text is an amazing
method to capture user attention. This text is used for post titles as well headings in the
content body.

Being different works well

An online brand can only be successful if it has enough customers. Simply having a social
media presence is not enough because almost every online brand has it. What kind of posts
do you have? How are they different than other brands? These are some aspects which
brand owners should pay attention to. The use of small text is an innovative business
technique. It is different so users make a pause and see what is written.

How can users get this form of text? What is the easiest way to convert standard text to
small text? Converting each character manually is obviously not the best way out because
one has to invest time for this purpose. In addition to that, you can make mistakes if this
method is used. The use of Prepostseo small text converter is obviously a better option.
Important factors related to the small text converter

This tool is a complete technological solution for people who are seeking to convert
standard formatted text to small text. These tools mostly have free access. In actual terms,
getting hold of a free tool is one of the biggest concerns for users. Secondly, you need to be
sure that if the tool is free, you can count on it. If you are not being charged to use a tool, it
does not mean that you can necessarily count on it.

Here is how you can use it

1. Writing text in standard format

A tool that converts standard text to small text has a text box in which the source
text has to be written. You can either paste the text in this form or type it manually
as well. As you write the text, the small text would be shown to you on the right.

2. Convert multiple text chunks instantly

Time is an important factor for anyone. Small text is used by social media managers
who have to work on their pages and keep them updated with new content. As these
professionals work with timelines, they need a tool that works well and produces
fast results. A quality small text generator saves immense time for users. They
produce the converted form of text at a fast pace. If you are a social media manager
and wish to convert several text chunks, this tool would suit you a lot. It produces
efficient outputs without consuming a lot of time.

A mandatory tool for social media professionals

It is only possible to extract social media benefits if you have updated fresh content at all
times. In addition to that, the content should seem different so that users are convinced to
stop and spend time on reading. With a small text generation tool, you can this unique form
of text and use it at various places in the content.

Small text is used in headings as users tend to view them even if they don’t read the
content written under it. Thus, if you have used small text for headings, people
would spend time and them. In a nutshell, it is a good social media strategy to get
the attention of users. This tool is a handy option for people handling social media


Being active and updated on social media is essential for brands these days. No one views
physical brochures and magazines to see what is in vogue. Is the use of small text a good
way to catch the attention of potential buyers? The answer to this question is yes. You can
use free online converters and convert the normal text to standard text.
After that, this converted text can be used in different content sections. You need to
remember that a potential buyer would stop at a post that seems different. You can
accomplish this goal by using small text.
The conversion process is very simple and you can use an online converter for this
purpose. These tools come for free so you do not need to think about paying any costs.