How to Sell and Promote Artwork on Instagram

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Do you wish to sell your art online? If yes, then choose Instagram. It is the world’s top photo-sharing social networking site, therefore; it is nowadays used as a platform for selling art online.

Instagram has billions of active users worldwide who visit Instagram in search of new products and follow brands. So, it is a great platform for anyone who wants to use social media to sell art and identify potential customers.

If you desire to sell and promote the artwork on Instagram, here are some steps you can follow:

Step 1: Set up an Instagram Creator Account

The initial step to selling your art pieces on Instagram is to set up an Instagram creator account. Make a professional profile on Instagram for a better marketing experience and for fan followers. 

The creator account is the best option for people like artists, influencers, public figures, etc. The subscription to the creator account gives access to top posts and videos, audience demographics, promotions, branded content, etc.

Step 2: Create your Instagram aesthetic

Make your Instagram profile stand out to attract followers. People judge any profile within 60 seconds of seeing it. So, it is important for artists who make their profile as a portfolio of their work to focus on aesthetics.

Take care of the following things on your Instagram page:

  • Feed: Perfectly show your artwork
  • Username: Keep username interesting representing your artwork
  • Category label: Carefully Select Art, Artist, or Designer
  • Story Highlights: For highlights, Use your art icons as cover images 
  • Profile picture: Upload an image representing your art
  • Bio: Write an interesting bio using a special text font.

Step 3: Link to Your Website

You need to have a website where people can see your work and purchase them if they want. Once you have a working website, link it with your Instagram bio. 

Usually, when people find your Instagram profile, they visit your bio section first. So, use this thing to your benefit. On the Instagram profile page, click the edit profile option, tap website, and simply copy-paste your website URL.

Step 4: Get Your Artwork Noticed on Instagram

When you post your artwork on Instagram, use different hashtags to get your work noticed by people. Sort out the best hashtags for artists and use them in your post.

Try to use multiple low-density hashtags (below 1M) because high-density hashtags will make your art lost in other art posts. Aside from using hashtags, tag to different artist accounts in the post. In this way, you will be able to get a better reach.

Step 5: Promote and Sell Your Art on Instagram

Many people tend to buy branded products, the same applies to artwork. Convince people about your products on Instagram. Encourage them by uploading product reviews and feedback.

You can create reels to a sneak peek of upcoming products and or sell products by offering special discounts to customers. Add your website link to Instagram stories to spread awareness.

You can also use Instagram Shopping and Advertising option to create Instagram ads. It is a bulletproof way to increase traffic and sales.

Final Words

Try to implement every possible way to promote and sell your art on Instagram. Because you can earn enormous revenue by selling art on social media.

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