How to Start Streaming Your Gameplay


Streaming isn’t just a way to watch television programs and movies. Today, streaming is a popular option for gamers who choose to stream their gameplay online, allowing followers and subscribers to watch them play video games.

Successful streamers include professional gamers who earn their income from streaming their gameplay. Streamers also include recreational gamers who want to interact with other gamers while they’re playing video games. Whether you hope to go pro or build an online gaming community, you can use these tips to become a video game streamer.

Choose a Gaming Platform.

There are several gaming platforms where you can stream your gameplay. Twitch is one of the most popular platforms, but gamers also stream on Facebook Gaming, Caffeine, and YouTube Gaming. Twitch has recently added new hashtags to support LGBTQ+ streamers and promote safe spaces on the streaming site. Streamers can generate revenue from sponsorships, subscriptions, Bits, and donations.

Invest In The Best Gaming Equipment

Gaming equipment has a significant impact on your gaming experience, so you must invest in high-end gaming equipment before you start streaming.

One thing all streamers need is a great microphone. The best mic for streaming is the Blue Yeti X, hands down. This is a durable, lightweight USB microphone with four audio patterns and LED lighting. It produces clear audio, making it an excellent option for live streaming. Some of the best microphones also include the Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone, the Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone, the Blue Yeti Nano mic, and the HyperX Quadcast S microphone. The Blue Yeti Nano is compact and lightweight, making it an excellent option for streamers who move between different locations. Your sound quality is crucial when streaming, so you should explore your options and invest in the best mic for your budget.

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Create Your Gaming Setup.

Your gaming setup includes the display on your streaming channel, your channel rewards and features, and the visual background in your physical setup. Investing in a compelling visual display on the screen is a great way to set the tone for your channel and reflect your interests. Channel rewards give followers and subscribers a way to use channel points. For example, if a viewer donates 500 points, they might prompt you to hydrate or check your posture. Some streamers have points for performing physical activities, such as sit-ups or push-ups.

Your physical setup includes your background decor, which will be visible when you stream. Having a great setup creates visual interest and sharing things that matter to you with your followers. You could opt to have shelves of books, action figures, or collectibles. You can also use posters and LED lighting to set the mood for your gaming setup.

Establish Your Image And Your Rules.

Every gamer has an image, and your image can attract new followers. Whether you opt to get a gel nail manicure, a pedicure, or paint your nails during your ‘just chatting’ sessions, you should feel comfortable with your online activities and your image. Some streamers opt to dance for their viewers, while others host ‘just chatting’ sessions from their hot tub.

Streamers need channel rules, which your mods can enforce. Mods remove trolls from your channel and redirect comments if someone’s being inappropriate or harassing a gamer or follower. Your mods can also post reminders about upcoming streams or give other streamers shout-outs in your channel.

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Build Connections With Social Media.

Streamers can use social media to build their audience. Posting your streaming schedule on Twitter and Facebook can be an effective way to reach new viewers. You can also build your audience with raids. Raiding other players occurs at the end of your gaming session. When you raid, you take all of your followers with you to another gamer’s channel. This encourages followers to follow new gamers. The gamers you raid may return the favor and raid you at the end of one of their streams, bringing some of their audience to your channel. You can also create a server on Discord to develop an online community and promote your streaming schedule.

Streaming involves choosing a streaming platform, creating a channel, and setting your channel up. You’ll also need superb gaming equipment for your streams. Establishing your rules, creating your image, and getting mods who manage your streams will ensure you build a following. You can also use social media to promote your streams and connect with other gamers.

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