How to steal the limelight by wearing diamond jewelry


Diamonds are forever. They are easily one of the more elegant jewels out there. They add class and bling to your look. Diamonds go well with almost all attires and bring the perfect amount of sophistication and sparkle to your outfit.

However, it is also very easy to go wrong with diamonds. When styled incorrectly, they can make one look too decked up or just not too put together. To help you through this, here is a guide on how to steal the limelight by wearing diamond jewelry.

Casual Wear: The simplicity and elegance of diamond jewelry make it a great choice for daily wear. Diamond jewelry in classic and minimal designs works great for a daily wear look. They will add a hint of class and sophistication and bring together your entire look remarkably. A diamond pendant is great to adorn the neck daily. There are a lot of designs in gold pendants for her available online. Choose diamond studs in elegant designs to go with or you can go for solitaire earrings to add a luxurious feel to the look. Other pieces to invest in include a delicate diamond bracelet and am elegant rings or stacks of rings. Diamond rings for girlfriend aren’t the best gifting idea for no reason. However, do not wear all of these at once. Keep it subtle and create a balance in your look and shine like liquid gold.

Traditional Wear: Wearing diamond jewelry with traditional wear is the recipe to is shine amongst a crowd on special occasions. The best way to wear diamonds with sarees or lehengas is to wear diamonds that are large and uncut. Looks for pieces that are set in platinum or gold with traditional patterns. You will usually find diamond jewelry sets consisting of a necklace, earrings, bangles, and sometimes a mang tikka. However, do not wear all of it at once and go overboard.

Diamond Earrings: Statement diamond earrings are a wardrobe essential. They are great for any occasion and are standalone pieces that can run the whole show. You can wear large drop earrings with sarees, lehengas, anarkalis, etc. and you will never be disappointed. When wearing statement diamond earrings, keep your neck empty and allow the earrings to grab all the attention. They are the perfect option for times when you want to look dressed up but do not feel like wearing too much jewelry. Or for times when you cannot decide how much is too much?

Statement Diamond Neckpiece: Statement diamond necklaces are pieces that are the center of attraction. They cover most of your neck and do not require big earrings with them. You can wear smaller studs if you feel like your ears are empty. These necklaces shine through the outfit and win hearts single-handedly. They are the best option for Indian wear with low necklines.

Layered Diamond Necklaces: Another piece of jewelry that is very versatile are layered diamond necklaces. They are diamond necklaces that feature more than one chain of diamonds. A layered diamond necklace is a simple statement piece that attracts attention and admiration. They work great with both traditional wear as well as western outfits. Depending upon the design, they can be elegant and simple or elaborate and intricate. Regardless of this, the necklace grabs enough attention on its own and does not need large earrings with it.

The above-mentioned points are some of the ways you can wear your diamond jewelry to gleam and glow to your everyday look as well as those special occasions. The phenomenal brilliance of diamonds makes it a must-have for all the ladies!

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