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How to Take an Awesome Photo with an Android Phone


So you’ve gotten your hands on a brand new Android phone and want to begin capturing precious moments. Today’s technology makes it as easy as pointing and shooting – but that alone won’t capture photos of the highest quality. What else does it take to really make that photo praiseworthy? 

It seems that with each passing year, the number of camera lenses, megapixels and proprietary technologies included on various Android phones only grows – all of which are designed to capture higher-quality, higher-resolution photos. Yet there are some tricks to taking the very best photos possible.

Let’s look at how you can take an awesome photo with your Android phone, regardless of manufacturer or model.

Use an Up-to-Date Android Phone

Every year, new and improved camera technologies and specifications emerge with the latest Android releases. If maximizing the potential of your photography is the goal, then having an up-to-date phone is one simple tip you’ll want to embrace. The best Android phone for photography 2020 has to offer will likely feature multiple cameras, several dozen megapixels of capture potential and a variety of image-improving solutions, such as nighttime capture potential, image stabilization and no-flash technology. 

Clean Your Lens

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many Android owners fail to consider that their lenses (or areas covering them, in the event you’re using a fully-enclosed case) need to be sparkling clean for maximum photo potential. The best option for cleaning an Android phone camera lens is a microfiber cloth or a moist piece of cotton used with distilled water (to avoid depositing any impurities on the lens). Allow the lens to air dry if applicable and enjoy clearer, more focused photos with your Android phone!

Make Lighting Your Ally

Every opportunity for a photo will naturally present different lighting situations. Whether it’s an outdoor, mid-day setting or an indoor environment at night, making the most use of ambient lighting wherever possible is crucial. It’s best to have the most prominent form of lighting above or behind you when taking the photo, as this will ensure the camera has enough illumination to capture the photo properly. While you can use your phone’s flash to increase the lighting, capturing great photos in low light generally avoids this whenever possible.

Take a Variety of Photos

It never hurts to be prepared, and it likewise is a good idea to take multiple photos of a single subject to ensure the best photo. While some Android phones include features that take a rapid succession of photos in order to select the best one, manually doing the same to ensure optimal photography outcomes is still recommended. You can always delete the unneeded alternatives, after all.

Avoid Zoom When Possible

Even with unprecedented zoom capability and image quality available on Android phones today, zooming in when taking a photo will naturally reduce its quality. This is why making the most of photography without zooming in can produce truly awesome photos. While not every photo you wish to take can be done so without the use of zoom, higher resolutions now mean taking photos at 1x zoom can still be enlarged to enjoy high-quality without the need for zooming in (learn the differences between optical, digital and hybrid zooms by clicking here). 

Be sure to employ these five tips to generate truly awesome Android phone photos: if you follow them, you’ll be able to capture professional-grade photography with many modern Android devices!