How to Use 3d Pens and the Principle of Operation of the Device

3d pen

With the development of scientific and technological progress, amazing ways for drawing and creative expression have appeared. It seems unimaginable to draw in the air. But now these magical dreams have come true thanks to the 3D printing pens. It allows you to create incredible three-dimensional figures of toys, various decorations and finishes, which from ordinary things will make exclusive and original.

How to Use A 3d Pen? 

Plug the 3D pen into a power outlet. The display will show the default PLA mode. If plastic like ABS is used, you should switch to the second mode by pressing the bottom button.

To get started, you need to activate the supply of plastic. To do this, click on the appropriate button and, if everything is done correctly, a red indicator will appear. This means that the 3D pen is heating up.

After waiting for the green indicator (no more than a minute), you can use the pen. Insert the plastic into the intake and press the feed button again so that the thread enters the device.

The handle can be used in fast and slow mode. The new model has the ability to adjust the speed gradually. Also, the advantage of the handle is that there is after five minutes of inactivity, the handle automatically turns off.

The device has a stylish design and low weight (65 grams). For safety of use, the nozzle is made of ceramic, which prevents the master from getting burned.

New Generation 3d Pen for Drawing: 

The method of using the pen is similar in effect to the operational of the 3D pen from the network. Instead of ink, the device uses plastic. Inside is a small heating element that instantly melts the thread. After extruding plastic through a ceramic tip, the material immediately hardens, which makes it possible to draw directly in the air or on any surface. Due to the strength of this substance with a pen, you can create any complex and intricate three-dimensional figures. It is possible to control the output speed of the material, so you can easily draw figures in the smallest details.

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The device is suitable for creating drawing on the plane, As well as for three- dimensional figures in the air. 3D pen is useful for professional designers, artists and engineers for creating expression. Children who have a special need to express their many ideas and fantasies will especially like the pen.

What Can Be Done With A 3d Pen? 

Below is a variety of colorful three-dimensional figures and intricate shapes.

All this is only a small part of what the device is capable of everything is limited only by the possibilities of imaginations and fantasy. With the help of this device you can realize any idea and realize your creative ideas. It is also easy to create original gifts for your friends and relatives.

This model continues the famous line of 3D printing pens. The new device is equipped with a pen that supports two type and PLA. You can switch between them using the display. To switch to another type that of plastic, you will have to replace the nozzle. The device will interest both a child and an adult. The 3D pen available in different color schemes including pink, gray, blue and yellow- everyone will choose their unique little thing for themselves.

The Advantages of 3d Pens: 

A 3D pen has many advantages over other types of modeling advice

  • Promote the development of spatial imagination in children, reveals creative abilities;
  • Safe to use;
  • Everyone will like this device, regardless of gender, age or profession;
  • Learning to use a 3D pen in easy;
  • You can use several colors of plastic for drawing. Therefore, it is necessary to paint the product after creation, unlike ordinary sculptures ad prototype;
  • Compactness: the device can be carried with itself.
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3D pen is an innovative device designed to create three-dimensional images and various objects in space. This tool opens up great opportunities for children and adults, allowing you to embody numerous creative ideas. The principle of operation of the 3D pen is quite simple: instead of ordinary ink, the device uses plastic, which heats up and solidifies the 3d printing material filament. Thanks to this, you can draw amazing art masterpieces right in the air.