Humor: Can Laughter Be Mixed With Grief?

In recent times, humor has found its way into dealing with every aspect of our lives and happenings around us. Humor has gradually been used to deal with grief. There is a wrap of mystery behind this fact. To most individuals, this might be a bit awkward, but in the real sense, laughing about our grief can make us feel better and relieved. It is more like what we call a laughter therapy. Laughter is great and medicinal. It creates bonds and is an ancient stress reliever. Our sense of humor can help us choose who we hang out with most times when it becomes a natural part of us.

Is there any role for humor in a time of grief?

So many people see this time as a sorrowful moment that is supposed to be observed just the way it is without interruption. In some cultures, they have a special garment for representing a sad time or grief mood. Introducing humor in a time of grief can help everyone ease off their tensions and gladden their hearts to make merry. This act is not odd as many people think. There is no such taboo around it. Joking about it makes things go smoother.

A group of friends may sit down to discuss and making themselves laugh with their private jokes while you looking from the outside feels like what is funny about the gathering? If you are not in the scene, you won’t catch the flow, and you could see it as being offensive. However, when making a joke about someone’s dead parent, you must be very careful. Don’t just jump into making jokes out of it when the person in question is not amused about it. If by any chance, the person starts making fun out of the situation, only then you can try creating humor out of it too. But ve sure you got the signal right before going ahead.

Experts talk about blending laughter with grief

After an in-depth study of human consciousness, it was concluded that humans need humor in times of agony to make the situation look less threatening to human health. Humor is necessary not only for ourselves but also for those around us who tend to get into a sad mood too.

Laughing in times of when we are supposed to be in a sad mood makes people around us fee a bit relieve and less worried about us. It shows them that we are okay with whatever situation that we are in and that we are matured enough to handle it better. In the case of a dead parent, for instance, some people might have come to console the person who had the loss. But when a sense of the person laughs, it doesn’t mean he is not in pain but means he had already accepted the fact.

To get us happy in times of grief, we can flashback to remembering happy times that have been spent together; also, we can look out for jokes for a dead laugh. This won’t make us laugh out nut stir a sense of humor within us though it may be tough to do. At times we might get sad and want to cry; we may end up crying. But that sense of humor will in no time get us back to feel good even though we are struggling with the pain at the same time we are a bit relieved.

A recent study revealed that widows and widowers that can laugh and develop a good sense of humor when they remember their dead loved ones experience fewer depressions and anxiety. There are platforms known as bereavement groups where people are amused by sharing experiences about their loved ones. In short, the humor will calm them and keep them going in their daily activities. Share some fun with your loved ones today.