Insanely simple ways to increase mobile app downloads in the year 2020

Insanely simple ways to increase mobile

Can you even make a wild guess on how many apps were downloaded in the year 2019?

What about the year before that?

Before you even Google it, let me reveal it to you. In the year 2019, around 2.6 Million Android apps were downloaded, and 2.2 Million iOS apps were downloaded.

Although there is a plethora of competition out there, you must use every resource, every idea that you can to increase the mobile app downloads of your brand.

Let’s get to the point. Here are some insanely basic ways in which you can boost your mobile app downloads.

  • Create Demo Video

The modern-day user is super-busy and even if they are not busy, they don’t want you to waste any of their precious time. If you have an entirely new app, there is a chance that people might not understand how to use the app or what the app is all about.

In such a moment, it is an excellent option to show people what your app does and how it works? Make a simple video and upload it to the App store. Those who are interested in your app will watch the video and download the app if it is necessary.

And those people who don’t want to download the app, there is a chance that they might forward the video to their friends who might be interested in it.

  • A QR Code will help

At times it will be challenging to find your app in the app store. This is why it is advised that you create a QR code for your app. You can use this QR code in your branding and everywhere you want users to take notice of your app. This is a common practice among app development companies New York where they give the QR code to every employee and ask them to share it with their friends and family.

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This is the fastest way to maximize your mobile app downloads.

  • Grab some influencers 

No, there is no need to find high-end influencers. They might charge you much. If you are a startup, there is a chance that you are short on budget. You can find micro-influencers to accomplish the same purpose.

They are finding influencers, and if you can discover relevant influencers, that would be a great help. People will not only download the app; they will refer it to their friends and family because they want everyone to use the app which is being used by their favorite celebrity.

  • Ask more for reviews 

When you get a review on the app store, it builds the credibility of your app. People will start trusting an app that got reviews. A five-star rating means a lot when people are not sure whether to try your app or not.

If there is a detailed review of your app, thank them personally. And never forget to reply to everyone even if it is just a small remark.

Genuine feedback will give you more room to make instant improvements in the app and make it more sustainable.

And the five-star review is a great place to get social proof. When people know that your app is a good fit for them and people are already using it, then it will be easy for them to trust your app and download it and review it.

At times you might even get negative reviews. The best approach is to accept those negative reviews and answer those instantly when people will see that you are active and curious about improving, then it will be easy for them to give positive reviews.

  • Make good use of guest posting 
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The fastest way to get the attention of people and make them download your app is to do guest posting on high-rank websites.

When you do that, it will build your website authority. When you get a mention of a high-authority website, it will give a signal that you are a trusted mobile app, and more people will be attracted to the app store.

  • Offer Trial version 

If you are starting, it is good to give out the app for free. To give people an idea of how the app will operate and what are the shortcomings in the app.

When people get used to the trial version, you can get them the fully-featured app, which will have more options and more convenience.

A trial version will also force people to try out the app without even buying the app first. You can offer some options in the trial version and inform people what features they will get in the complete version of the app. This will build curiosity among the people and they will wait for the full launch of the app.

In the end

It is all about making people trust your app and download it. Whatever you do, you are doing it for the customer. If the customer doesn’t like your app, you’ll get the review, and based upon that; you can make the necessary changes in the new version of the app.

Moreover, you can also do things that your competitors are doing. Maybe most of the strategies might not work for you, but to ignore these strategies is a blinder that you won’t want to do.

After all, there is fierce competition out there, so to get the attention of users, you must do something unique, and can sustain in the long-term.