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Kensun 55w HID Headlight Bulbs Kit Review

Kensun 55w HID Headlight Bulbs Kit Review

Driving out in the black of night or through a fog that is thicker than pea soup, it all means one thing – you need brighter headlights. This is where installing a Kensun HID headlight kit can help boost your visibility on the road. And the best part is you can install it all on your own without making any expensive headlight assembly replacements. But is that all there is to a Kensun HID kit?

Let’s take a look inside and see what else this handy headlight kit can do for you.

What is a Kensun HID Kit?

If you’re looking to give your headlights new life, then any of the Kensun HID kits are a great choice. These headlight conversion kits offer several colors ranging from white, yellow, blue, purple, and more. Each set of lights offer a 4300K, 5000K or 6000K plus brightness. And outside of being from a top-rated supplier, these kits are extremely easy to install.
Now you might wonder how to do these headlight kits work. The full manual can be found at https://www.truetop5review.com/kensun/.
These kits are as simple as they are easy to set in place. The kit connects to your car’s battery, then you insert the HID bulbs into the headlight housing, and voilà you have lights. And because the lights are directly hooked to the battery this will also prevent any flickering, a common issue among cheaper kits.
Kensun kits provide more than just a stream of light that can break through the darkest of nights, they also give you a variety of kit types.  Now let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of each variation of the Kensun HID kit.
Types of Kensun HID Kits

Kensun HID kits can be categorized into three basic types. The types of kits are bi-xenon, single HID, and HID-halogen. Each will variate in how light is projected. And depending on your preferences you may find one better than the other, however, each are good in their own right.

  • Bi-Xenon

    These kits give you the best of both worlds in one bulb. Bi-xenon kits use one HID bulb for each headlight. This bulb will shift the light’s position the moment you turn on your high beams.
    But that is not all this type of kit is capable of. These kits also use a magnet to shift the light in the headlight housing which, in turn, changes the direction of the light emitted by the bulb.

  • Single HID

    This type of Kensun HID kit utilizes a single bulb to light up the road. It doesn’t include a high beam light, but this does make them ideal for city use.
  • HID-Halogen

    Similar to the bi-xenon kits, the HID-halogen Kensun kits offer both a low beam and high beam lights. The difference lies within the fact that you have a separate bulb for low beam and a halogen bulb for high beam lights. This allows you to easily turn on or off the high beams without turning off all headlights.

Outside of the different types of Kensun kits, there are many perks to using one these in your headlight assembly over alternative models.

The Perks to Using a Kensun HID Kit to Light Up the Road
While these headlight kits may differ in types, they do offer the same perks. Kensun HID kits offer a wide selection of benefits that are what make them stand out among their competitors. Some of these benefits are:

  • Installation takes only 20-50 minutes. Kit includes everything needed for installation.
  • It is built with durability in mind.
  • Energy efficient
  • Exceptional brightness
  • Waterproof and dust-proof design
  • Long-lasting light bulbs with replacement options

So with these perks in mind, let’s see if the Kensun HID kit is the right headlight fix for you.

Is the Kensun HID Kit a Perfect Fit for You?

While these Kensun kits are great for all that they have to offer, they aren’t for everyone, or at the very least for all vehicles. Some kits will require a few extra parts for assembly such as zip ties and extra tools. And depending on which outlet you purchase your kit from, you may find the kit is not up to par with the company’s quality standard but if you are dead set on owning one of these cool headlight sets, then the solutions are simple.
But before you run out and buy your Kensun HID kit, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase.

Some points to consider are:

  • For optimal lighting, choose kits that have a Kelvin rating that is 4300K and higher.
  • The cable from the light can run a bit shorter than the ballast. But the solution is as simple as tying the cable up in a slightly different way than what you would normally do.
  • You’ll need to wait a moment before the HID bulbs turn on.
  • While these kits are better suited for off-road use, the 6000K and 4300K Kelvin ratings are ideal for city use.
  • Depending on the Kensun kit you choose, the light’s brightness can affect the FM radio.
  • The kits are designed for vehicles with an H11 lamp bulb.

It is expected that nothing is ever truly perfect, but the Kensun HID kit does strive to come close. And if you’re ever in doubt, there are plenty of workarounds to help you install the kit quick and easy.

The Kensun HID Kit: Making Headlight Upgrades Easier than Ever

Now that you have seen the different types of Kensun HID kits, perks, and what to look out for, these kits are worth trying. They will easily outshine any factory bulb you put in your headlights. On top of that, these headlight kits are durable, easy to use, easy to remove, and you’re getting a good product from a reputable company.

And if good customer satisfaction isn’t enough incentive, then you’ll love the affordable prices. Kensun HID kits offer the best for only $49.99 – 69.99 depending on the type of kit you choose.