Know More About Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects application is a video editing application designed by Adobe that functions for processing digital motion graphics images. Unlike the Adobe Premiere Pro application, Adobe After Effects is more intended for advanced video editing, which requires more features and capabilities, this Adobe After Effect software for editing and creating video effects. Adobe After Effects was previously an application made by Macromedia which was later acquired by Adobe as part of its application to be further developed so that its name became Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects is a pretty reliable application, with many effects available and ready to use. Adobe After Effects includes the ability to change the animation through objects. Besides that, After Effects are supported by scripting and expression support to produce more dynamic animations. Adobe After Effects features include: Making shapes, Keyframes (to do the animation), Action Script (for scripting support so as to enable more dynamic and attractive animation), and much more.

The advantages of Adobe After Effect

1.Support abundant effects

This is an important key of the Adobe after effect application, which is the amount of effect support for creating motion graphics. There are dozens of ready-made effects that are processed and applied to video or graphics that we will create in the workspace.

2.Native support for 64-bit CPU architecture

This means making the Adobe After Effects application can be used on a 64-bit processor base which of course makes this application faster, responsive, and supports RAM with greater capacity.

3.Keyframe and Scripting Support

A keyframe is a key feature of animation and video while scripting is a feature that allows dynamic movement of animation based on events and triggers that are present when an animation or video is run at runtime. This certainly becomes the advantage of Adobe After Effects so that we can not only create videos with good motion graphic effects but also dynamic because it is supported by scripting. Of course, this requires us to have a basic understanding of programming and algorithms.

4.Able to convert vector files to shapes

This is also an advantage After Effects where it is able to create shapefiles from vectors by importing files to be included in the work shape. To note that vector is a type of graphic that uses coordinate points as the smallest unit that forms a drawing guide.

5. Popular as a video editing application for professionals

Adobe After Effects is a large scale application that has been widely used by professionals. Starting from the need to create animations, movie editing, adding simple motion graphic effects to the complex, and media training through Audio-Visual tools can be run with Adobe After Effects. This proves the credibility of Adobe After Effects as a video editing application that needs to be taken into account in the large software industry market today.

6.Maintain image details so that it is smooth during compression

Another advantage of Adobe After Effects is its ability to keep the graphics quality neat and smooth when compressed, so the compression ratio and quality are balanced. This is not easy considering the compression feature will generally reduce the graphic texture details so that it is no longer smooth.

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