Top 3 Tips for Leveling Up with the Latest SEO Strategies

If you own a business, chances are you are no stranger to SEO. These days some keywords and basic SEO knowledge are not enough to ensure your company doesn’t get lost in the Google search shuffle. Don’t despair. In this article, we have put together a useful checklist of the SEO strategies you need to know to really increase rankings and level up. 

Tip #1: Learn the Ropes

Whether you have used SEO in the past or are just becoming familiar with it yourself learning the latest ways to optimize and rank is the best way to leverage your company profile like trendytarzan. Some of these expert strategies include:

  • Local SEO – Local rankings vastly increase your visibility and organic traffic 
  • Content writing – content is not only a great way to connect and educate your visitor it is also a way to bring your visitor to you. Always create keyword-rich content increases visibility drastically 
  • SEO on Site Builders – Most of us use WordPress and other site builders that offer excellent SEO options. Knowing how to take advantage of them is a necessity 

Tip #2: Know What You Need

Understanding the need and various elements of SEO for your niche is critical. You can waste time and money trying to implements strategies or hiring someone to do things that are irrelevant. For example: If you are in a unique niche such as Amazon, online gaming, or Etsy. Each niche has its own unique nuances which is why it is worth it to go pro and hire out for SEO. 

Tip #3: Get an SEO Consultant London

London is one of the most competitive markets in the world. To get the most traction out of your site consider choosing one of the top SEO Consultant London has to offer. An SEO consultant should have the following before you hire them:

  1. Experience – Verified quality experience in your niche is a must. This is not about years per se but tried and true success with multiple companies in your space and others. 
  2. Results – Be wary of offers that sound “too good” to be true. Any company that promises a #1 rank on Google in a set timeframe is fishy at best. 
  3. Presence – This is a BIG one. A qualified consultant will be regularly published on top search industry sites, releases their own research and experience, and attends well-known conferences as well 
  4. Reviews – Don’t just rely on website testimonials. Connect with their customers and ask about successes and misses that they experienced with the SEO Consultant. 


Then it comes to surpassing your competition using SEO is a game-changer. Understanding the latest strategies from Local SEO to optimizing your CMS is important whether you hire out or not. It will help you get to know the specific needs of your niche. Although you can spend time learning SEO choosing an expert in the field that is experienced and highly recommended, provides ease of mind, not to mention time. If you really want to level up combine all three of these top tips to take your site from ignored to a high-ranking site in no time.