Learn More About The Popular Undergraduate Degree Programs In Canada

Education And Career

Canada is one of the top study destinations for international students due to its quality education and employment opportunities. The public and private universities in Canada offer several undergraduate, diploma and master’s programs that are highly valued in the job market globally.
Students choose to study for an undergraduate degree in Canada due to the lucrative opportunities that await them after graduating with the essential skills. Business and finance, healthcare, tourism, communication, art, etc. are some of Canada’s popular undergraduate degree programs.

Bachelor of Commerce

This four-year undergraduate degree program covers a wide range of topics that prepare you for the challenges of the business and finance world. The subjects covered in this program help in the development of managerial and financial skills, analytical knowledge, business awareness, leadership quality and communication. These skills are some of the most in-demand ones in the global market. BCom courses use case studies, group discussions, tutorials and other activities to impart knowledge to the students.
Popular career opportunities in this sector include accountant, auditor, financial analyst, financial manager and financial planner.

BA in Business Communication

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication is a program that will raise your career prospects on a large scale. This program will impart knowledge in cultural studies, media and business, which is highly beneficial to land jobs in the fields of journalism, mass communication, public relations, advertising and copywriting. It is an interdisciplinary program that provides a comprehensive understanding of communications-related business jobs.
This degree prepares you for the business world and helps you secure well-paying jobs such as technical writer, marketing associate, public relations specialist, communications assistant, human resource specialist, content marketer, brand associate and social media specialist. All these jobs present you with opportunities to learn and grow and rise to leadership roles with adequate experience.

Associate of Arts

This is also an interdisciplinary program that lasts for two years and is equivalent to the first two years of a Bachelor of Arts degree. The course structure and methods are similar and give you foundations in several areas that can help you land a job after two years. Completing this program will help you master the oral and written communication skills that are essential for many entry-level jobs in the market.
You will learn academic writing, critical analysis, comprehension, and many more essential communication skills with this program. After its completion, you can either confidently apply for any undergraduate program of your choice or start working in entry-level jobs. The top careers after an Associate of Arts degree are customer service representative, administrative assistant, bank teller and marketing assistant.
While these are some of the popular and in-demand undergraduate degree programs due to their effectiveness, low tuition and career opportunities, you can also look out for programs in other prominent sectors like tourism, healthcare, marketing, cybersecurity, etc. Enroll in any of the above programs to ensure a bright future.