Looking To Refresh Your Trade Show Exhibit? Follow These Killer Ideas


While your customized trade show display plays an essential role in attracting visitors to your booth, many business owners don’t realize it’s high time to revamp their booth. People who have attended the same trade show before, know what each company booth offers, simply pass by thinking that there might be nothing new. Also, in today’s fast-moving world where competition is at the peak, booth designs that were trending a few years ago are now considered boring and tend to blend in with other ideas on the trade show floor. In short, an engaging trade show display help attracts attendees into your booth. 

How trade show exhibit companies help you?

A trade show booth professional develops a concept for your brand. Because they have relevant expertise in designing booths for different companies, they can connect with you to get a better understanding of your business needs and what potential customers are in search for. Therefore, based on that research, the designers will be able to develop a final plan and design.

Here is how trade show exhibit production company can help refresh your booth design and enhance your brand presence among hundreds of competitors. 

New Graphics

As graphic displays begin to age with time and colours start to fade, you need to explore a more modern look. The right team consider whether there has been style-creep, ensuring that colour palette follows current brand products and graphics are updated to give a more cohesive presentation. No doubt, graphics represent brands concept; after all, the first impression is the last impression.

Create a Visual Path 

A good trade shows exhibit company helps you changing out the carpeting of the floor that can transform a booth dramatically.  They replace traditional flooring with new floor choices and have a variety of styles, and patterns to choose form. Bright coloured carpeting, inlaid flooring designs, and unique wood or laminate patterns attract visitor’s attention that will help your booth stand out. Moreover, you can also add more cushion to the floor so that the attendees who have been walking all day will thank you.


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Finally, the right team will use cutting edge technology to make your trade show booth display even more attractive. Also, they have unlimited access to the top software programs to help businesses to impress their audience in a short period of time. And with the help of these smart programs, you will also be able to track visitor’s details and later follow up.

Professional Well-Designed Booth

Another advantage of hiring the exhibit design company is that they have skilled designers and carpenters who have years of experience in building a booth that is structurally perfect and reflects professionalism. Moreover, they take care of the concept and theme of the booth that matches to your products or services to help your booth to stand out against competitors present at the trade show.

Furthermore, before you hire a trade show exhibit production company, don’t forget to consider the following factors. 

Their Industry Experience

What counts experience depends on how long the company is in the industry and number of booths they have designed so far––each year, and on an average? A well-thought experienced mind can create a buzz on the show floor and can attract audience in the long-run. 

Help With Design Aspects

Consider if the team offer full-range of services (from design to construction) or they are just limited to design of trade show exhibits? It would be great to hire the exhibiting company that offers both services simultaneously as it will help maintained synchronization.   

Their References

It would be great if you hire one referred by friends or colleagues who in the past have experienced their services. The references help you save time and effort. 

Professional Website

Does your chosen exhibit trade show company have a well-designed website to view? If no, step forward. Because a professionally designed site is the face of one’s company it must be built correctly so the prospective customers can get an insight into the services the company provides. Not having a website in this competitive world shows a lack of interest; therefore, that firm may not be your best choice.

A Portfolio of Past Trade Show Booths

Never hire an exhibit company without seeing their past work and success rate. If a company is in the industry for long, they must have a portfolio of trade show booth clients.   

The Project’s Completion Date

Before you sign an agreement, have a detailed conversation with the team members to learn how much time they require to deliver you the trade show concepts. 


Because competition is high among trade show exhibit companies, search for the one who offers a wide range of services at the given budget as specified for the trade show booth display. 

Physical Business Location

Choose the one who has a physical office located because an online presence isn’t just enough for the job.  

Attitude Is Everything

Apart from checking experience and other things, it is also equally important to look for an enthusiastic and driven team of employees who will set the right attitude of the exhibit. 

Last words

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A trade show is a platform to promote brand products and services and to grow sales. You’ll be surprised to know that trade shows in the business world are known as one of the best marketing strategies that grasp your targeted audience attention with minimal efforts. And for this reason, business owners need to follow a few simple steps to choose the best trade show exhibit production company that offers top-notch customer service. In short, the search for the best designers is not difficult, but it requires a little effort to meet your advertising goals. 

Remember, as a client; you shouldn’t compromise on anything or feel unimportant. Take your time to hire the best team, after all, The Rewards of Hiring the Best Are Worth It!

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