Malwarebytes Premium Review: The Better Security Software

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Using the internet is a lot of fun. Not only that, but there are also many benefits that we can enjoy. Some of the benefits we can get from using the internet are accessible to online games, streaming, and instant communication, to name a few. However, there’s also a big security risk when using the internet. When you surf the web, there’s a chance that viruses and malware can enter your system, which damages it and can potentially endanger you. Some threats that can happen when you’re attacked this way is the damage of your device and access to any personal information that’s stored in it. To combat the looming threat of viruses and malware, you’ll need anti-malware software. One of the best anti-malware software you can get out there is Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is already good as is, but there’s a paid version which is the Malwarebytes Premium. As it’s a paid version, Malwarebytes Premium naturally gives you more protection and security, among other things. But what exactly is Malwarebytes Premium? How does it differ from the freeware version?

Below is a Malwarebytes Premium review.


As stated before, Malwarebytes is an antivirus software that can scan and remove viruses and malware. Both the freeware and premium versions do this, but the Malwarebytes Premium version does way more than that.

Malwarebytes Premium

A Malwarebytes Premium subscription can do a lot more than the freeware version can’t do. One is that the premium version can run scheduled scans, which the freeware version can’t do. In the freeware version, Malwarebytes can only run scans when the user does so. Scanning for malware with Malwarebytes is fast and efficient, and easily detects viruses and malware. Yet another great scan feature is that you can scan downloads on the fly.

It also has a good security feature of blocking websites. Malwarebytes Premium lets you block malicious websites that can possibly harm your device when you visit it. As for other features outside of protection and security, Malwarebytes has an interface that’s easy to navigate and use.

The cons

Unfortunately, even a security software that’s as good as Malwarebytes Premium isn’t perfect. One significant disadvantage with Malwarebytes, in general, is that it doesn’t give you 100% protection. Malwarebytes can detect almost anything but doesn’t have the feature of being able to scan for malware in flash drives. At the same time, Malwarebytes also can’t detect harmful emails. Another necessary feature that Malwarebytes lack is that it doesn’t come with a personal firewall that you can use. As such, it’s better if you use it in conjunction with other antivirus software or use a completely different antivirus software altogether.


Malwarebytes Premium is a good antivirus software option if you’re looking for a paid version. While the freeware already serves you well, the Malwarebytes Premium version can serve you even better. There are lots of features available for the free version that’s also in the premium version, but there’s also features that are premium exclusives that help greatly in protecting you from viruses and malware.

While seemingly perfect, it does lack several key features that can help even more in protecting you. And if you’re going to use it, it’s better to use it with other antivirus software active. Nonetheless, it still does a pretty good job on its own and you can easily disregard the features that it lacks in favor of the benefits of using it. Malwarebytes is reliable and can help you greatly, and it has the rewards to show that it’s indeed an excellent antivirus software.