Men’s Hair Color Styles

Men’s Hair Color Styles

Hair coloring is a trend that is most popular with women. But, this doesn’t mean that men are limited. Maybe you are a guy who wants to change up their look, perhaps you want to keep up with the styles, or you want to hide those bothersome grey hairs that are now showing. Well, I am here to help you. There are different hair colors that you can use and still look hip, and I am here to help you out. Whether you want mens messy hairstyles like slick back, comb over, faux hawk and much more, these are nice ways to express your personality. These are some of mens hair color styles you can use without look too ridiculous.


  • Copper Brown


This is a color that is so great looking and has the added advantage of looking natural. It has an olive undertone that can match well with people with warm skin tones. Couple the color with a well-cut hairstyle. If you have curly hair, this color will make you look unbelievable. Men’s messy hairstyles will look even more fabulous with this color, and you can achieve it by cutting your hair short, especially if it is curly.


  • White Lightning


Now, this color is the best for people with gray hair. This color will allow you to rock your gray hair but in style. The color is excellent, especially with people who have thick and medium hair. Go on out and get yourself a white lightning dye and rock your gray hair with pride.


  • Rooty Blonde


This here is a color that you have seen everywhere, even though you might not even know it is a dye. The color works by dying only the top part of your hair. This coloring leaves your roots with their natural color. It is mostly great if your original roots are black. This color also makes you look young and full of life, which might be what you are looking for. It will look great for people with curly hair.


  • Dark Blonde


This dark blonde color has a hint of copper. It is also one of the hair colors that have the advantage of looking almost natural. It will suit you if you want to rock a color that won’t be readily noticeable. If you have fine textured hair, this is the color you should go for. It will also bring out your eyes and accentuate your skin tone.

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  • Purple


If you want to be risky with your hair, then you might want to try this color out. This color pops out and will make you the center of attraction. It will suit you even if you have thin hair; frankly, it can be used by a person with any kind of hair.


  • Pink


Pink is also another bold hair color. It sticks out but also gives you a burst of youth. The color is great for both people with short or long hair.


  • Dark Neutral Blonde


If you are a person with a light skin tone or a cool complexion, this color is for you. It looks almost silver. It looks even greater on people who have long hair at the center and short or shaved hair at the sides.


  • Deep Red


This kind of color does not fit in with all sorts of people. It will work great with people who have a medium or dark complexion. It has a deep earthy look that brings out your complexion.


  • Medium Gray


This color is for those who have started aging. Instead of being annoyed by the few gray hairs that are now showing up everywhere, go for the medium gray dye. It is a milder version of lightning gray. Cut your hair short, give it a stylish cut, and dye it medium gray; you won’t regret it.


  • Rainbow


This dye is a combination of all colors that are in the rainbow. It is a trendy color that will make you look fabulous, no matter your skin color. It might only be three or four colors that might be visible, but it will still look great.


  • Bi-color


This is one of the risky hair colors. You get two different colors that complement each other and apply them to your hair. You can apply one color on each side of the head or do a mix-and-match; it is all up to you. The color is excellent for people with medium or long hair.

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  • Black


This is one of the most go-to colors there is. It is simple yet classy. The color is best suited for people who have dark to medium skin tones. You can style your hair in a close cut or a fade style.


  • Green


Green is a color that will go great with people who have edgy hairstyles like the Mohawk. The color is applied on the long part of your hair, leaving the shorter sides natural colored.There are a couple of ways you can choose to color your hair, and they include;


  • Highlights


These are one you color only some parts of your hair. You can add the color on a few strands or different parts of your head.


  • Top Only


This trend is great if you want to try out some risky trends. It goes excellent with styles like the Mohawk or a Fauxhawk. This way, only the top of your hair will be colored and leaves the other shorter sides of your head natural.


  • Full Out


Feeling a bit risky? Try this trend of coloring your whole head. This style is risky, but with the correct colors, this can be the best thing to do. This style is excellent with colors in the range of silver to blonde.

Latest Men’s Styling Hair Approaches

There are so many men’s hair styles which include French crops, creative necklines, new takes on old classic and messy textures hairstyles among others. One of the latest approach that is common among many men today is undercut long hair. This is a style that is common among hipsters and it has more hair on the top. The style resembles Mohawk and the sides are shaved in different styles.

Final Words

Now you have an idea of what to do with your hair. Coloring your hair might be a great experiment if you want to change things up. Choose a great color that will match your skin tone and get a trend that will suit you. Whether you choose a safe color and natural-looking or a risky color, make sure the colors compliment you and make you look great. Choose one of the 13 colors and make yourself a whole new person.