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How to Promote a YouTube Channel


The methods below should be of great use to everyone who is looking to get a break with their YouTube channel and gain new subscribers consistently.

Method #1 – Promote Teasers on Other Platforms

Some people create a profile on YouTube after they have established themselves on another platform.Β It is more than likely that your Instagram audience is different from those who are on YouTube.Instagram has its video player that was introduced recently. It means that you can Download YouTube Channel and pick the pieces from a video that would work the best as promotional material for YouTube.

It is also worth mentioning that posting promotional video content on Instagram will help to grow your Instagram profile. Even if some followers do not decide to check the YouTube channel, they will still engage in the videos on Instagram and talk about them with their friends. Promoting your YouTube videos on platforms like Instagram is an excellent method to attract even more subscribers.

A YouTube channel can become a great source of income. Digital content creators on this platform benefit from running advertisements or creating a crowdfunding page on Patreon.

However, the difficulty it takes to run a YouTube channel should not be something to underestimate. While the experience can be fun and profitable, expect to put in a lot of work, especially if you are creating videos in a saturated and competitive niche.

Method #2 – Be Consistent


Lack of consistency means struggling for those who are looking to create a sustainable YouTube channel. The more subscribers you get, the more your channel is going to grow. And this growth comes with certain expectations from people who are looking forward to watching your videos.

Failing to upload new videos on a consistent basis will lead to a drop in views and subscribers. And if the numbers continue to go down, it will not be too long before your channel gets forgotten and stops making any profits.

Method #3 – Follow Trends

If you have a hard time coming up with video ideas, you can always look at the latest trends that are relevant to your niche and channel. Perhaps you can spend some time talking about the issues at hand in front of a camera. Or invite someone to join you and make a video akin to a podcast.

Method #4 – Optimize for Search Engines


YouTube videos also need search engine optimization. On the surface, it might seem like a good title is all that you need so that others can find the video. But it is more complicated.A keyword-optimized title is a given, but you also have to create descriptions and tags. Adding accurate captions and multiple subtitles also boost SEO.

Method #5 – Run a Live Stream

YouTube is like Twitch or Mixer in a sense that you can run a live stream. While there are options to receive donations, it should not be the primary concern for those who are looking to grow and maintain the channel in good shape.

In this case, live streaming will provide you with opportunities to interact with your audience by answering their questions and showing that you care about them. Sometimes, responding to comments on the videos is not enough, and your subscribers would like to interact with you more.

Method #6 – Cooperate with Other Brands


Other brands can be a life-saver when you are stuck. For instance, you could ask for a shoutout from another channel. Inquiring a company to send you a product for a review might also be a good idea. Keep in mind, though, that forcing promotions to your viewers is not a good strategy, and it will ultimately lead to more problems than benefits. If you are going to advertise something, do it seldom.

Method #7 – Organize Contests

Contests and giveaways are a popular method to attract more engagement on social media platforms. The same idea applies to a YouTube channel. People love free stuff even if they do not need it themselves. If an entry fee is leaving a comment or subscribing to a channel, you can expect a video to go viral and attract a lot of attention.

Method #8 – Design Appealing Thumbnails

Thumbnails are used to interest people to click on the video. You have heard about clickbait titles, but pretty much the same can be said about thumbnails. There are channels that take things a bit too far with the visuals, but as long as it gets the clicks, we will continue to see such thumbnails. And you should not fall behind.

Method #9 – Find Optimal Time to Upload

It is most likely that you are looking to target a broad demographic, which means having to accommodate different time zones. It will take a while to test and find out the time frames that give you the most traction and views. But the effort will be worth it, considering that the optimal time frame guarantees you more views.