Modern Technologies In Carpet Cleaning

Modern Technologies In Carpet Cleaning

Methods of carpet cleaning are divided into two major groups, i.e., dry carpet cleaning and wet carpet cleaning. There are so many cleaning and maintenance methods used in different parts of the world. A few of the best cleaning methods will be discussed here.In the present scenario, dry cleaning methods are preferred more as compared to the wet cleaning methods but, both the techniques are used as per the choice of the users.

Here are some modern technologies used in carpet cleaning:

Encapsulation or Foam encapsulation is a dry method to clean a carpet. It is considered a modern technology in the field of carpet cleaning. It is preferred the most as it seems to be more convenient. This method requires a synthetic detergent as the most significant ingredient. When the dirt particles loosened, they are caught or encapsulated by the detergent particles. When the detergent powder dries down, the carpet is brushed. This technique delivers a better result. But this method is not suggested to use on a filthy carpet containing so much of soil, etc.One more method preferred today as a more professional cleaning method.

The Bonnet cleaning methodis usually preferred for the carpets, which cover the large area. This is the reason why it is used more in offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. It only cleans the surface of the carpets to make it ready for use in a short period. As it is a low moisture cleaning technique, a diluted cleaning agent is used on the carpet. Now following this step, a bonnet machine is run on the carpet as per the need. The cleaning agent or chemical dries down. It is removed within 4-5 days automatically.

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Dry carpet cleaning in Tulsa is the most advanced technique used to clean a carpet. It is also known as a compound cleaning technique. The above two methods require a short dry time. But, it does not need even a single minute to dry down. In the dry carpet cleaning method, a cleaning agent is used. It needs a brush machine to dig out the carpet fiber, and thus, the cleaning compound settles into the fiber. It gives a spotless carpet because the cleaning agent used absorbs all the dust particles placed in the fiber and can be cleaned in the last step of the method.

The two more techniques are also used to clean carpets. These are named as steam cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning and In-plant cleaning technology.

Steam cleaning requires a cleaning machine that is used to spread hot water or steam in the same amount all over the surface of the carpet. It spreads the hot water or steam at high pressure; thus, it penetrates deep into the carpet fiber. Now, a cleaning agent is applied on the surface, and after some time, the carpet will be washed with a cleaning machine.


In-plant cleaning technology involves vacuum cleaning followed by wiping off the carpet. It involves a neutral cleaning compound that obliterates dust, dirt, and soil. After washing the carpet with fresh water using a cleaning machine, it is dried in high powered fans for a fixed period. It requires skilled manpower to perform such a task perfectly.