How to Pick Best Monitor Arms ?

What is Monitor Arms?

There are as many types of monitor arms as there are monitors, but, as a general ergonomic principle, you need to be able to raise and lower your monitor, to keep it at a comfortable eye level to prevent neck strain, and to move it throughout the day to prevent yourself from staying in the same position for too long.

Aside from height, depth and angle adjustability, an articulating arm eliminate clutter by affording you more desk space, and they help to manage unsightly cables. For users of our adjustable height desks, we highly recommend adding this accessory.
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How Monitor Arms can be used?

Monitor mounts are used across every kind of modern workspace that utilizes display technology. Ideal for improving ergonomics,
efficiency, aesthetics and space management, they are easy to install, reconfigure, adjust and upgrade for a future-proof work environment.

Why you need Monitor Arms?

Our bodies were built to move; monitor arms and laptop mounts let you adjust your screens by height, depth, and angle, while also giving you a dedicated spot to route your cords, clearing up that tangle of cables that’s been hanging around back there. Prevent neck and back pain from looking at the wrong angle easily with a monitor arm or laptop mount. For users interested in working at a height-adjustable desk, it’s a crucial accessory for maintaining an ergonomically correct working posture.


A monitor mount placed at the appropriate height, distance and angle can help “prevent possible health effects such as excessive fatigue, eye strain, and neck and back pain. It can increase your health factors and help you reduce back pain and many other diseases.