Most Used Affiliate Marketing Software in 2022


Nowadays, there are numerous ways to earn money using the Internet. There are endless possibilities in freelance, digital design, online shops, etc. Affiliate marketing stands out from all of these methods as it contains lots of nuances and its own benefits.

Affiliate marketing is based on a relationship between a merchant and an affiliate, in which a certain reward system is established. Performance is the key to getting the most profit in this type of business. So let us tell you all about the affiliate marketing software, its features, and the most popular affiliate tracking platforms.

Features of Affiliate Marketing

So what are the main characteristics of affiliate marketing? They are:

  1. The payment is acquired only after a particular result.
  2. The ability to run your affiliate marketing program on your own with the help of particular software.
  3. There are a lot of fields in which it can be applied (personal websites, file-sharing, and email marketing).
  4. It has a pool of publishers to work with.

If you want to expand your business to the Internet to get more buyers and share your services and products, you require a lot of time and attention to the website you are trying to establish. You can work on your promotion manually and control all of its aspects, but there is an option that will make your life much easier: affiliate tracking software.

What Is Affiliate Tracking Software?

Affiliate tracking software offers you a set of numerous features that will help you establish a proper affiliate marketing website. There are a lot of platforms that provide service in affiliate marketing online; each software has its own features and may have different prices, depending on the client packages they offer. You should know which characteristic you are looking for in a possible platform, such as customization options, promotional tools, tracking, and statistics management.

If you’re looking for a website that provides you with a list of the finest affiliate marketing tools at a discount, then visiting the website is a must. There, you will find platforms that meet only the most stringent standards of quality:

  • effectiveness;
  • reliability;
  • variety of offered features;
  • long time on the market;
  • good client scores.

Which Affiliate Tracking Platform to Choose?

Here is a short overlook of the platforms we suggest for establishing an affiliate marketing program:

  • Affise. The platform provides help in management, analytics, customization, and optimization. This software works in such fields as Gaming, Mobile, Crypto, Gambling, etc.
  • Afftrack is new on the market, but it’s effective in tracking and statistics management. It tracks all of the clicks you get in emails and banner ads.
  • ClickInc. Setup and manage your first affiliate marketing system with no coding experience.
  • Everflow. Track and manage all of your channels through the desktop or mobile devices.
  • HitPath. Sign up affiliates and manage all of your tracking programs.
  • Impact Radius. Optimize and protect partnership channels, track affiliate program performance.
  • LeadDyno. Manage your affiliate program on any website or platform.
  • LinkTrust. A trustworthy platform that operates and manages all of your marketing programs.
  • Mention Me. Expand your customer base and empower affiliate marketing system.
  • OSI Affiliate. Recruit new affiliates and influencers to promote your brand.
  • Partner Stack. Find solutions and advice for any of your marketing programs. 
  • Post Affiliate Pro. It offers unique tracking methods with a user-friendly dashboard. 
  • Refersion. Manage, track, and grow your network in a few clicks.
  • Scaleo. Get real-time reports, campaign redirects, and expansion advice.
  • Tune. It is a fully customizable SaaS platform with numerous managing tools.
  • Tapfiliate. This cloud-based platform is suitable to track and manage your affiliate and referral programs.
  • Trackier. Manage and optimize all of your marketing campaigns in one place.
  • Voluum. Track and automate the performance of your campaigns.

Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Software 

It might be a daunting task to decide which affiliate marketing software to use. Multiple factors should be considered including the list of tools, customization options, and, of course, the price. We hope that this article will help you to decide which tools you need and how much you’re willing to spend on them. 

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