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7 Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is Better Than Classroom Teaching

7 Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is Better Than Classroom Teaching

In the age of technology, it is becoming more and more common for school-aged children to get their education through online tutoring. Parents are realizing that there are many benefits to this form of teaching, such as better teacher/student communication, an increased sense of independence in students and a lower cost for families. Let’s dive in and discuss.

So, Why Is Online Tutoring Better?

Online tutoring is a great alternative to classroom teaching. Notably, this method of teaching isn’t applicable to everyone but we’ve rounded up reasons why it may be worth considering along with some of our tips along the way.

1. Accessibility & No Geographical Restrictions

You can get access to top private tutors around the world without any restrictions. Although, we do advise that you should follow your national curriculum and adhere to regional teaching plans – if applicable. 

Let’s say you go on an extended vacation with your family but that holiday eats into some of your term time. No need to go home early when you can have access to online tutoring.

2. Attention to Individual & Personalized Learning Experiences

Online tutoring provides more opportunities for individualized attention that isn’t possible in a class setting. It also allows your student to work with someone who has experience working with people of their age group and background, which makes it easier for them to learn from you as well.

This works both ways, online tutors often find themselves having a much more fulfilling experience when teaching others – whereas teachers often end up frustrated by their job because they don’t have enough time or resources available to give each student what they need individually.

3. Strategically Tailored Lesson Plans

Everyone learns differently. Online Tutors can create scheduled lesson plans tailored specifically to your child’s needs and make that 1 hour (or however long the lesson is) extremely laser-targeted to the individual’s requirements. There are even specifically trained dyslexia tutors and ADHD tutors who thrive online because they are able to pinpoint what is required to make learning progress.

4. Affordable, Cost Effective Learning

Typically you will find that online tutoring is a more cost effective option than seeking out a private tutor in your local area. This will largely depend on where you live but it is worth having a quick look online and evaluating your options. As a ballpark guide, the average is $55 (or £40) per hour.

5. Less Distractions, More Focus

Again, if we’re considering online tutoring versus an actual classroom there are less “stimuli” that will distract the student. Instead, there is a designated time slot which will be 100% dedicated to tutoring on a given subject – when that mindframe is set in stone – we find that the student comes into the subject extremely focused.

6. Convenience Factor

Online tutoring has the power to save you precious time in your busy schedule. You can learn from a tutor without having to worry about picking up kids or getting stuck in traffic, as long as they are reachable online. Learning this way allows for flexibility and freedom when it comes down to scheduling one-to-one lessons so that they suit what works best with your needs!

7. Regular Contact With Tutor

Online tutoring is more than just a lesson, it’s an experience. Not only do students have access to their tutor anytime they want, but the increased communication allows for continuous dialogue and trust building with your educator. It’s like getting personalized attention from someone who can show you what they are talking about in real time!

In comparison to classroom teaching where teachers may not be available after class has ended because of other commitments such as grading papers or meeting parents, online tutors are always on call via video chat making them much easier to contact when needed which helps build up relationships over time while still receiving quality education that meets all the needs of every student.

Wrap Up

Tutoring is a great way to help children who struggle with school. One-on-one tutoring can be the fastest and most effective route for students in need of support from outside sources, like parents or teachers. The decision on what type will depend on your child’s needs as well as your own circumstances and knowledge about them!

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback below, and we’ll be happy to help!  Thanks for reading.

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