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PCloud- Mobile App Testing platform on cloud for next-gen app testing


pCloudy Reviews

pCloudy is a smart mobile app testing solution that lets developers ensure their users enjoy a smooth and consistent experience. The cloud-based platform has a library of more than 500 Android and iOS devices, so that teams can view exactly how their applications render and run on the most popular and even less ubiquitous smartphones and tablets.

With pCloudy, developers can access manual and automated testing options to facilitate the swift debugging of their applications. Other than those, individuals and teams can also nominate to have a bot or a crowd help them in the process.

pCloudy also provides additional platform hosting options. For developers and groups that wish to have the solution hosted on a private cloud or on-premises instead, they can request these setups to suit their needs.


Vast Device Library

With pCloudy, developers have access to more than 500 Android and iOS devices that they can test their applications on. This accelerates their product delivery and allows them to make sure the end product runs smoothly across different screen sizes.

Additionally, pCloudy assists developers in finding the devices they want to test their application on. Rather than letting them scroll through the library until they find their preferred device, the solution has a robust search function that lets users filter results according to their OS version, manufacturer, real SIM network, and location.

Real Device Testing

Rather than offering emulators, pCloudy provides developers with the tools they need to test their apps on real devices. This way, they can stringently ensure that their products are error-free before they roll out.

Automated Script Testing

To facilitate swifter testing, debugging, and time to market, pCloudy offers developers with the option to automate their application testing process. The solution has multiple automation methods that can run parallel to each other for more expeditious testing.

App Health Checker

Users do not like applications that use up a lot of their device’s resources. That is why it is important for developers to monitor their impact on a device’s CPU, memory, and battery. With these real-time insights conferred to developers by pCloudy, they can improve their application’s performance to make it more attractive to their target audiences.

Human Feedback

Sometimes, results gleaned from machine platforms are not enough. pCloudy understands this, therefore it has a community of real testers and users who can offer human insights into the application’s performance. This lets developers and teams gain a deeper understanding of how their apps can benefit users.


Starting Price: 49$/mo

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing Packages:

  • $49.00/month
  • Slim-$49/10Hrs
  • Small-$119/30Hrs
  • Group-$299/100Hrs
  • Business-$549/200Hrs


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Pros of pCloudy

  • pCoudy has a huge phones variety, multiple carriers India, US, easy access to phone settings and logs
  • User friendly , stable, interactive, we could test on cloud device very easily, we had feel of real device.
  • number of device supported , pricing is also reasonable . Although we didnt use automation feature but that also seems pretty matured
  • – An easy​ and user-friendly app that allows to backup the personal and work files in a unique on-line location that you can access everywhere.

Cons of pCloudy

  • Competitive are and limited free storage
  • Its untimely disconnections and taking long time to reconnect It logs out sometimes unnecessarily.
  • Sometimes connecting to the device is taking too much time and sometimes screenshot feature also not working.
  • Previously service didn’t have an intuitive interface or easy settings access, now it’s all there and easy to use


Cloud based Mobile App Testing Platform with 500+ Real Android and IOS devices. Only platform in the world to have Manual Testing, Automated Testing (Appium), AI based bot Testing and Crowd Testing of Mobile Apps at one single place. Integrates with tools like Jenkins and Jira to fit into your agile ecosystem. Also offers Private and On-premise cloud options for Enterprises.