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Personal training booking software for fitness trainers

Gym Classes
Gym Classes

Health and fitness management is an area that focuses on improving the well-being of people. Through a fitness management program, fitness trainers to apply business, coaching, and physical education tactics in the overall management of health and fitness facilities, sports and recreation centres, and athletic teams programs. They are well equipped with skills in human body performance assessment, fitness skills, kinesiology, and wellness concepts.

A fitness/ personal trainer is tasked with creating training techniques and skills that motivate people to prioritize their physical fitness and wellness. They evaluate the client’s physical ability and customize a program that fits their health and fitness needs. . Fitness trainers educate their clients on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by helping them create a nutrition plan that will control their weight. While training, they ensure that clients embrace safe workout practices that will keep them injury free.

Online coaching has gained vast popularity over the recent years due to factors such as flexibility and cost-saving. Virtual fitness classes give you the freedom to work out from your choice and at a pace and timing convenient for you.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about numerous social disruptions. Several guidelines have been put up to curb the spread of this virus. This has led to a sharp increase in the demand for virtual fitness and exercise classes. Most people opt to use Personal training scheduling software that grants them access to online sessions through live stream or at a client’s request. This article shall discuss various booking systems that have gained popularity among fitness trainers and their clients.

  1. Gymcatch

Gymcatch is a personal training booking software that has made fitness easy by allowing clients to conveniently find and follow fitness trainers, book, pay, and schedule for classes and appointments. This software also enables you to communicate with your instructor efficiently and get automated updates whenever necessary. It is also cost-efficient as it provides clients with flexible payment ways. They have an option to pay what they can afford, thus maximising their participation. It offers a booking system technology that is easy to use. This factor has made it simple for fitness businesses of all categories to provide virtual content that offers clients the needed convenience. It is possible to share links for on-demand tutorials and manage links for live stream classes on YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and Vimeo. This software is available on IOS, Android, and web.

  1. FitSW

FitSW is a fitness instructor software commonly used by individual fitness trainers and gyms to offer methods that enable their trainers to manage clients. Clients access these services through a monthly subscription. Trainers can track their consumer’s progress remotely through smart devices. To ensure good collaboration between trainers and their clients, FitSW has multiple aspects: scheduling software, nutrition, diet plan, and a workout plan builder. Trainers share their workout schedule online, and after that, clients make their preferences and make appointments. Instructors are provided with graphs that help them record and track their clients’ progress. Effective meal plans are vital to any fitness journey, and in this software, trainers can create meal plans, and clients record their food intake.

  1. My PT Hub

My PT Hub has been embraced by gym owners and personal trainers to create consumers’ custom made training and nutrition programmes and kept track of their progress. Its compatibility with both IOS and Android makes it readily available by many users. The booking system enables users to manage their workout and nutrition plan and after that track their achievements. Currently, about 45,000 personal coaches are using this fitness instructor software. Its ‘Find a Plan’ feature has over 370 workout sessions and diet plans that clients can choose from.

  1. Mindbody

Mindbody is used by gyms, wellness centres, and personal instructors. It has scheduling software that manages memberships, online appointments, and bookings, and scheduled emails. It offers users to view a free twenty minutes demo before they choose an option they can subscribe to. The software lets Personal trainers plan their activities and allows their clients’ book sessions online through the trainer’s website or the ‘Mindbody ‘application. The application also enables clients to confirm their availability and monitor their progress.

  1. Virtuagym

Fitness management is made easy through the use of Virtuagym. Using this fitness instructor software enables personal trainers to manage their businesses and engage their clients efficiently. The platform allows personal trainers to engage with their clients on a more frequent basis. It allows users to create training plan templates that include the client’s workout and nutrition plans. It is also easy to track the progress of the trainees.

  1. Vagaro

This software’s selling factor is the ability it gives the personal trainer to customise packages, memberships, and training sessions. Clients can books sessions on any device and make bookings through the app, Google and Facebook. A free trial is provided before purchasing the app.