Planning to Retire? Don’t Skip Purchasing These Insurance Covers


As a person looking into retirement, there are so many things that you have to take care of financially. Having coverage is one of these things. There is no question that a good cover protects a retired person from financial loss. It also helps to keep you secure in the event of an accident or other unforeseen expenses. This can make retirement planning that much easier for the retired person. Here are 5 the best companies around that offer cover policies and at a low premium:


BT Life is a full-service life cover provider that offers many benefits to seniors. Senior citizens in Australia can benefit from this policy by raising money to live comfortably. Senior life assurance policies come with two options: a Level Term Life Policy and a Lump Sum Premium Policy. Level Term policies are regulated by Australian laws and provide coverage on a term basis. 

Whilst the lump sum premium option is not under the purview of any Australian laws. Seniors should consult whether they should invest their money in a lump sum premium policy as it may not be worthwhile under certain circumstances. 

Many financial experts recommend that seniors invest their money in an interest-bearing account. This will grow with the inflation rate instead of becoming stagnant when investment returns are slow. Most buy policies from an Aussie-based insurer and have good experiences with them.


If you are looking for the right life cover plan for your old days, AIA can assist you by matching your existing health cover. This insurance policy includes medical expenses with the right AIA policy. 

Your premiums are generally very affordable and can fit into your budget. This company is great if you are also searching for a guaranteed income to supplement your pension. Their policies offer the flexibility of variable income retirement options.

Either wholly or partially, depending on your circumstances. This means that if you have an immediate need for some emergency funds, but you are not close to securing a job that pays well, you can withdraw your annuity. And use the money to meet your immediate medical or healthcare expenses or both.


MetLife is one of the best options for seniors that are concerned about protecting their financial future. MetLife is rated high among insurance companies. Seniors are a demographic group that tends to have fewer investments than other people. 

So the need for cover is critical to seniors. MetLife can provide low-cost premiums to seniors that also give them excellent benefits. There are several types of MetLife cover products that can be purchased through an online portal. 


With OnePath, you have peace of mind knowing that a reputable company covers you. With OnePath Life Cover, you get paid in installments rather than getting a lump sum check. There are many advantages found in OnePath life coverage reviews. Thus making this product an appealing option for consumers. For instance:

This policy ensures you always get the protection you need for the long haul. You are not tied to any policy for the duration of your life with OnePath, which is a big bonus for consumers. 

OnePath continues to be a top-rated product, and with good reason. It provides cover for your family and yourself, including comprehensive benefit provisions.


A unique product of Neos life cover is the senior term life cover plan. This policy is ideal for seniors who are not covered by any other type of cover policy. Seniors don’t need to pay premiums for their cover policies; instead, they can avail of this particular plan. 

The only time you would have to pay premiums for it is during the lifetime of the policyholder in the age group of 100 and over. Senior term cover plans offered by Neos include whole life and universal life cover policies.

A unique feature of Neos life cover is that it offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of premium discounts. Premium discounts are available on different levels. This depends upon the risk factors of the insured individual, such as his health status, lifestyle, health conditions. The policyholder can calculate their future premiums based on the age he insured his life cover policy.


When looking for health cover for citizens of Australia, the key to planning for your retirement is knowing how much coverage you will need and when you’ll need it. Then, if you are planning for more than twenty-five years, it’s best to buy a cover policy that will guarantee at least that much coverage for that time. This way, you won’t have to worry about something going wrong during your golden years. 

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