PlayStation- A Brief Description

Playing Online Games

After a day’s hard work, or after doing some monotonous job for long hours, everybody craves to relax. The mode of relaxation varies from person to person. Besides, it depends upon the availability of free time. With the advancement of technology, various means of indoor entertainment have come into existence.

Playstation is one of those means. Play station, a video game console, is popular among children and teenage kids very much. Its games can also be played online. Playstation devices, cards, and codes are available in the market. You can buy a PlayStation code online. The other accessories of PlayStation are also available online.

What is PlayStation?

Playstation is a video game brand having its roots in Japan. It is a product of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is an electronic entertainment segment of Sony. It consists of a gaming PC and various accessories. Playstation has at least six versions from PS to PS5. It has its own media center, online service (the PlayStation Network), controllers, phones, handhelds, and magazines. It enjoys global popularity with billions of users since its inception, owing to its being user-friendly and easy availability.

Inception and Development

The credit of the creation of PlayStation goes to Ken Kutaragi. He was an electronics engineer who looked after Sony’s hardware engineering department. The idea to develop a videogame console was formed in 1988. At that time, Sony and Nintendo were working closely to develop a CD-ROM for Super Famicom. But, due to some differences, both companies parted ways. Eventually, Sony went ahead with this project under the guidance of Ken Kutaragi. Ken Kutaragi moved forward with his idea to create a video game console. Finally, in I994, Sony launched its first Video game console – Playstation.

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This original Playstation overtook the Japanese video game market. Subsequently, it was released in the USA and Europe. It received a massive response there too. The creation of the original Playstation opened a path for successive and advanced versions of Playstation.

In July 2000, Sony released its successor- the PS One. In the same year, the world saw the launch of a more advanced PlayStation – PS 2. Its slimline model came in 2004. In the year 2006, Sony offered a seventh-generation video game console- PS3. Likewise, Sony launched its advanced versions up to Playstation 5 in successive years. PlayStation is also available in handheld models. Play station has a variety of supporting and related hardware. Besides, it has its online service. You can play games online too. Various codes and cards are also offered by play station for online games.

Variants of Play station

Home Consoles

These are the most popular video game consoles. Home consoles of Playstation have a wide range of versions from Original Playstation to Playstation 5. Some versions have slim models for space-saving.

Handheld PlayStation

Handheld PlayStations are the portable variants of Playstation having two versions. These are Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita. PlayStation Portable is available in some advanced models – PSP 2000, PSP 3000, PSP Go, and PSP E 1000- apart from PSP original.

Related Hardware

Playstation has a wide range of related hardware in its store.  These are PlayStation classic, PSX, Sony Ericcson Experia Play, Tablets, Playstation television, and Playstation video recorder.


PlayStation uses highly advanced software such as X-cross Media bar, Live Area, and Linux OS to make its gaming impressive, convenient, and user friendly.

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Online Service

Play station has its presence in cyberspace too. The purpose of online service is to facilitate online gaming and to provide necessary information to the users. The online service also makes it easy to redeem or buy codes and cards. This online service comprises online sub-services such as PlayStation Network, PlayStation Blog, Playstation Store, PlayStation Mobile, and PlayStation App.


A variety of video games are available to play on Playstation.


PlayStation controllers are technologically advanced and user friendly. Some controllers are Early PlayStation controllers, DualShock and Sixaxis, and PlayStation Move.

Print and Social Media

PlayStation publishes two magazines and has its presence in social media to remain connected to the users.

Final Thoughts

The above lines were a brief description of the PlayStation.  It is meant for entertainment. But Playstation games enhance the co-ordinating and quick decision-making skills of the young ones. It is the best- entertainment and skill improving- device.