How to Recycle Your Old Content for Content Marketing Strategy?


In case that you are a business owner, then it is inevitable that you must already be aware of how crucial it is to have a running business website where you can showcase all your business products and details for new customers to check out. But it is also important that you have fully updated blogs and running social media accounts across different social platforms as well. These will allow you to expand upon the posts that you put on your official business website. You must understand the difference between the content that you put on your business website and your blogs and social media profiles. In this article, you will be learning why you need to recycle your old content on your blogs and social media pages for more business traffic.

Why are a blog and social media profiles important?

It is certainly important to have a business website because that will be the main market place where people are going to view and buy your products. But the information about your products and about things related to your business and industry will have to found somewhere else – and this where having a blog and social media profiles will come into play. You need to understand that despite all the updates and upgrades in technology, today, it is still content that is of prime importance in digital marketing. Without a solid content sharing strategy, you will not be able to get higher business revenues. In your business website, the type of content that you share will be mostly about your business products. You will share your product details and the prices and some information about your official contact details. But other than that there will not be anything else which you can share there, even if you wanted to.

On a blog, however, you will be able to write about everything in greater detail which relate to your industry and not just your own business products. You can share new information about upcoming products, updates and so on. Similarly, on social media profiles, you will be able to share information on a variety of topics ranging from political, social, economical to humorous posts and so on, even information and entertainment posts are welcomed. All these will aid you to engage new followers and new users who will be able to learn about your business and business products. Users will often have a number of questions related to your industry, and a blog can be used to answer them successfully .

Also, it is important to understand that having a blog and social media profiles will help you in getting better search engine optimization, which is crucial for your business’ online success. You will get higher traffic on your website when more people are able to visit your page, and consequently, more people will be buying your products. All of these would go on to lend more credibility to your business venture as a whole.

Re-sharing old posts

One of the reasons why you need to reshare your old posts is because it will help bring more currency to these posts. When you write posts on your blogs for problems which are more of a general kind or on information which can help people and is interesting, then there are high chances that you can successfully reshare them after a period of time. The reason for this is that generalized problems will continue to plague people, and they will always be looking for information to help them in solving them. 

Similarly, information that is interesting and not related to any specific space and time will always be entertaining for people. Thus you need to consider making such posts that cover different aspects of your industry and niche to be your main content more often. Focus less on specific issues and news. More and more people will then start to visit your blog and your business website, and your viewership and blog’s readership will start to increase also.

How should you reshare your older content?

It is good to call the process as resharing and also to recycle old content. You can at certain times consider making some minor edits and changes on your posts and uploading them again. This will help you in getting your content to become much more relevant and topical.

On your social media profile, you will need to upload more humorous posts and content that is based on infotainment like DIY videos, and so on. People will always come back to consume these contents.

You can reshare your old posts or recycle them when some festival or holiday is coming, and you want to offer a sale. You can choose to update on it or add some little details and then re-upload them.

Also, you can consider rewriting some of the old blog posts with added technical details and new updates added when the posts are on something technical. 

It is important that you should start planning a new digital strategy that can help you optimize your content more efficiently and help you in recycling and reusing your old content. You can visit the internet to find out about several digital marketing agencies who would offer you such content management solutions at reasonable prices.


For business owners, it is not enough to have simply a business website. You will also need to have a business blog and business profiles on social media platforms. You will need to share different types of content in all of them. You should recycle old content by making more generalized posts instead of specific posts because then your posts will always be in currency, and people will continue to go and read them. You can repost your old content when your contents are focused on issues that are affecting people’s daily lives and can show them how your products can help in solving them. This will bring more traffic to your business website also. We hope that the info detailed in this article will aid you to do better.

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