Simple Way to Get A No-laggy 4K Video Editing Experience


The trend of the Internet is driven by videos. Everybody has plenty of information and creating videos is the new way to take care of information, data and diversion. This is the reason video and vloggers makers are rising nowadays. Be that as it may, to alter videos, we have to have great equipment and software. The world is moving towards 4k videos and in the back days 4k video editing was hard to use and edit due to the cost of the 4k videos.That’s the reason why now we can see so much about 4k video editor like DJI processing software.  


Nowadays, Mobile Phones have magnificent video shooting equipment and with simply your cell phones, you can catch some extremely wonderful things. In any case, on the product side of things, the vast majority pick freeware which gives you constrained capacities and instruments to alter your videos. Furthermore, proficient altering instruments are excessively muddled in the event that you are a learner, or you need to make basic videos.

No Good Software for Fancy Devices?

There are many devices out there for 4k videos like DJI Drones, Osmo Pocket, GoPro, but the cost of a quality video editing software is matchless. Despite having high end devices for 4K video editing people still face many problems while editing the 4k videos.

How to do 4k Video Editing in Modern Age?

With the rise of the 4k videos, many people have adopted the use of 4k videos and people have started to do video editing. There are some problems which are faced by people during 4k video editing.

Some common problems faced by people

  • 4k Video file size

A 4k video is actually larger than we thought, you can use video size calculator to check out the file size of your 4k video.

  • Hardware for 4k video editing

In our stereotype, hardware for 4k video processing must be expensive, people may pay much more money than a normal personal computer.

  • GPU rendering

How to solve the annoyance of 4K video editing?

There are some widely used softwares. We have personally used more or less all of these.

  • VideoProc
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • Magix Movie Edit


Why VideoProc is better?


VideoProc comes as the No.1 fast video processing software that peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration fully powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs, delivering buttery smooth (4K) video editing and transcoding without compromising quality.

Specifications of VideoProc

Supported OS: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Supported Input: All types of DVDs, videos, audios

Supported Output: All popular video audio formats, devices

Supported Output Quality: 8K, 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, etc

How to edit 4k video using VideoProc?

You can follow the steps while watching the VideoProc Video Guides, or follow this tutorial below, we’ll assume that you have a hardware for 4k video editing file on your computer waiting to be converted.

    1. Firstly, download VideoProc officially (both Windows and Mac version available) and install it.
    2. Open VideoProc, and click on the “Video” button


3.Simplified the source 4K video document (any 4K video from GoPro, Drone or iPhone), or snap on the “+ Video” catch to choose the 4K video record to be changed over on your PC and select it.pic4

    1. If your 4K videos is coded with H.264, at that point you can pick changing over H.264 to H.265 (HEVC), your 4K videos will be by half and the video quality won’t be changed.pic5
    2. In Target Format, pick “MP4 HEVC”, note that the default video group choice is HEVC at 1080p. If that you need to keep the first 4K goals, click on the Options button formed like an apparatus, at that point roll out your improvements.
    3. To change the video format, there are two options.
      1. Select a preset from the “Target Format” list at the bottom
      2. Fine-tune the Output Settings by going into the Codec Options
    4. GPU-conversion is focused on the speed of conversion to edit the 4k video
    5. Click on the “Run” button to start the conversion process using the selected settings.

How to fix the slow or laggy situation for 4k video editing?

No one wants to wait so why wait for slow editing. Videoproc is assisting with taking care of this issue by giving hardware upgradations.Most of the time, 4K video will be a problem for CPU and cost them a shaggy video conversion. Have a go with VideoProc, its increasing speed motor is uncommonly made for 4K video conversion. By splitting the moderate and laggy issue with its hardware speeding up innovation, VideoProc will return you an awesome converting experience you ever have.

You can also follow the video tutorial to solve the problem:

Results From Our Personal Experience

We noticed a very good result from VideoProc video processing features after outputting our final video production, you can see how powerful the conversion tech from VideoProc below:


Resolution Video Codec Bitrate File Size
Original 4K H264 60505 kbps 130 MB
4K HEVC 1537 kbps 3.6 MB
1080p H264 2928 kbps 6.3 MB
1080p HEVC 441 kbps 1.0 MB

As should be obvious, the thing that matters is sensational with the default settings, however you can change each part of the video pressure in the settings.

What are our honest reviews about this software?



  • Great performance.
  • Level-3 hardware acceleration is the real deal.
  • Work on the majority of configurations.
  • Loaded with amazing features that are great for editing videos.
  • Can download music, as well as videos.


  •  Need more editing features.