Team Chat App War: Discord vs Slack for Business


Does anyone think that how the players playing through digital games converse with each other via any mode? Be it chat, voice calling, or even video calling or t-shirt printing business.

So, here is the answer to the question for all those who still have a query over this topic. In this article, you will discover the technology that is used most widely in almost every digital game to facilitate the players to make teams and converse with each other. The Answer is “Discord and the Slack.”

Let’s start with understanding these technologies, and later we will compare these two under different parameters. So, here we go with Discord vs. Slack for business.

Basic Overview


Discord is software that uses VoIP i.e., Voice over Internet Protocol technology, to facilitate the communication between the people residing at different locations. Initiallythe idea behind this software was to develop a substitute product of the other gaming software available. Hence, it is designed and emerged mainly for the gaming communities.


Slack is also a communication channel that helps people to share messages and chats instantly. It is a cloud-based app developed and managed by slack technologies. It is called the collaboration hub and facilitates the people working together to connect in such a way that people feel as realty talk.



  1. It is available free of cost.
  2. It allows creating your own personalize server for communication.
  3. Gamers can chat either in small as well as a large group.
  4. It can be used to communicate via chat and voice also.
  5. It has a link creation facility to invite people to the group chat.
  6. It can be used over windows, Mac, Android, or even ios apps.


  1. It provides persistent chat rooms.
  2. It has the feature of IRC.
  3. People can create private groups, can message directly one to one also.
  4. People can share files and content in the groups and personalities.
  5. It helps to create a URL to invite people to the workspace.

Screen Sharing and Voice Calls

Discord is for the gaming community so that they can interact while playing. Apart from voice chat discord even offers screen sharing solutions and voice calls. You can easily use discord screen share feature to share your live screen with others

Slack is designed for the workplace. Hence it allows the user to share screen and voice calling features. These features can be used one to one or in the group. Further, people can place restrictions on their uses.

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Discord is available free of cost. Then how does it make money?

Here is the answer:

  1. Selling merchandise. The company sells merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.
  2. The company has recently launched its first paid plan for $4.99 (US), providing advance features in the existing software. So, who wants to avail of these features can pay the amount and make money for the company.

Slack comes with free plans as well as paid plans. The difference between these plans is the number of accessible messages, storage size, and message search options.

Paid plans are divided into two segments:

  1. The $8 plan. It is for per user and month basis.
  2. The second is a $15/user/month plan.

As already stated, the difference lies in the features of the app.


Discord can be integrated with more than 1500+ apps. It makes the software widely useable and helpful. It can be integrated with some of the most popular apps such as youtube, twitter, google sheets, google calendars, etc.

Slack can be used to integrate any app that is available on your computer or your mobile. Thus, if you are using Slack, you can integrate as many apps as you want and enjoy the features like unlimited message search, group chats, personalized secured sharing of data, etc.


So, it can be concluded that both discord and Slack have their own benefits and can be used as per the requirement. Slack has its personal use, and discord is used for gaming purposes. Slack and discord are not substituted for each other, but both can be used for chatting and voice calling purposes. To know more about such awesome app comparisons, latest tech news, etc you can visit TechCrucial