TelPug Explains: What is Call Credit?


Also known as Mobile Credits or Recharge, Mobile Top-Ups can be purchased from a variety of outlets. Most top-ups can be bought using cash, debit, or credit cards, and some providers like TelPug also offer online top-up services. 

Call Credits

Prepaid mobile phone plans are great for people who want to avoid contracts. With this type of plan, you pay the provider an amount upfront which turns into mobile credit on your account. You can use it towards calls or text messages, as well as for internet data.

Call Credits is another term for mobile credit. It specifically pertains to the value of your remaining calls. Only the call credits that you can use immediately are important.

Mobile Top-Ups & TelPug

TelPug is a company that provides you with the ability to top up your prepaid sim card in just seconds. All it takes are some basic details and within minutes, there will be enough mobile credit for sms, calls, or internet surfing.

With TelPug, you can:

Have Unlimited & Secure Top-Ups

The friendly pug is there to help you top up your mobile and call credits as many times in one day! There’s no maximum number of top-ups, so go ahead and reload to your heart’s content.

Top-Up Without Additional Fees

What you see is what you pay. The transparent breakdown of costs, whether it includes VAT or not, is the key to TelPug’s promise of “no additional fees.”

Send and Receive Mobile Credits From Anywhere

Mobile top-ups with the great pug are available in more than 160 countries. Someone from the USA can send and receive mobile credits from someone in South Korea! This level of connectivity is only possible through TelPug’s technology and partnerships.

Top-Up Now

Mobile top-ups with TelPug are quick and easy. Visit and experience the friendly top-up experience!

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