Ten things you can now buy on your phone


Gone are the days when people used to travel for long distances to purchase items. Thanks to technological advancement, there are multiple products and services that you can now buy online. Your mobile phone is currently the space that you can use to do various shopping. What the phone requires is a reliable network to make it possible to shop online. This blog explores some of the items that you can purchase through your mobile phone.


Buying electronics is not a walk in the park. There are multiple factors that you need to consider, including the gadget’s specs, warranty information, and others. You cannot access this information by just popping into an electronic store and ordering the item.

Through the mobile phone, you can browse through the internet and see the type of electronics which various stores are offering with their prices. You can also access crucial information about the item, including its specs, the warranty, and see the client’s reviews about the garget.

There are multiple electronics that you can purchase through your phone, including TVs, laptops, and various accessories.

You can enjoy various perks such as discounts and exclusive deals when buying electronics online. This means that buying through your mobile phone is cheaper than when you visit the brick-and-mortar store.


Some people have conditions that require regular use of medication. Visiting pharmacies to buy these drugs frequently is an expensive undertaking. Furthermore, in case you’re sick, you might find it difficult to travel to look for drugs. However, with a smartphone, you can browse and find multiple e-pharmacies selling drugs. The phone can assist you in comparing prices and buy from an affordable pharmacy.

Before buying online, it’s critical to ensure that the e-pharmacy is legit as many fake drug stores have emerged. You need to check whether the e-pharmacy has a red-and-blue VIPPS seal, which indicates that the drug store has approval from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Lottery scratchcards

You can now play the lottery online on your mobile phone. The days of buying physical cards are gradually coming to an end. Therefore, if you’re an online lottery player, don’t waste paper you can buy scratchcards online now.

Baby items 

Parents with babies can benefit a lot from their mobile phones because they can use it to buy baby’s suppliers. Mobile phones help you to buy baby’s diapers and food online at discounted prices. Through your phone, you can shop online and buy your baby’s clothes and discounted prices. 

Dog Food

You buy your baby’s food frequently. You don’t need to be traveling to acquire such foods. With your mobile phone, you can easily shop online and purchase the food at discounted prices. Purchasing the food online saves you not only time but the need to carry using enormous bags.


Thanks to multiple sites that sell books online, you easily purchase a book through your mobile phone. The websites have previews of the books that assist you in getting a rough idea of what the book is about. 

Sporting Gear

Health and fitness is an essential component of your life. The sporting equipment assists you in conducting your sporting activities with much ease. Use your mobile phone to buy the best sporting gear from online stores at affordable prices.


The shopping experience is a notch higher due to mobile phone technology. There are many items that you can buy online through your phone as highlighted and explained through this blog.