Testsigma -AI Driven Automated Testing Tool Review, Pricing, Tutorial


Testsigma is a cloud-based test automation ecosystem with all the essential elements required for Agile & Continuous Delivery teams. A Unified Platform for Web, iOS & Android Apps and API automated testing, Testsigma requires no initial time, cost and ramp-up time to get started.

Testsigma lets everyone write automated tests 5X faster using simple English & run tests in parallel on thousands of device/OS/browser combos and physical mobile devices on the cloud as well as on your local machines.

AI-driven Maintenance, Custom Functions, Integrations and lot more for all the flexibility needed for complex test automation requirements!
Testsigma uses AI to build stable and reliable tests faster and speed-up the execution and maintenance of automated tests.

The AI features suggest improvements in test plans to include relevant or affected test cases,  uses dynamic locator strategy to save maintenance time and efforts by 70%. With Testsigma users can see ROI right from the beginning, instead of years.

Creating your First Test on Testsigma

After logging into your Testsigma Account, you will be taken to the Dashboard page.

A sample Project named ‘Simply Travel(Demo)’ will be present by default. We will be creating our Test Case inside this Project.

  1. Click on the Test Development icon in the navigation bar in the Dashboard page. You will be taken to the Test Cases page.
  2. Click on the +Test Case button on the top right corner to open the Create Test Case page.
  3. Enter a Name for the Test Case, say, ‘Google Homepage Verify title Demo’ and click on the Create button. We will be taken to the Test Steps page now.
  4. As discussed earlier, Testsigma uses simple English based Grammar to automate the tests. The first step to automate would be to navigate to the URL. Hence, this Test Step is added by default in the Test Steps page we are in. Just enter/paste the URL of the application under test which in our case is ‘’. Now, proceed to enter the next test step by clicking on the Create button.
    5.Our next Test Step is to verify the title of the page. Start typing “Verify” in the action text box. You will see a list of grammar suggestions. Let us select the grammar, ‘Verify that the current page title is test data’.

    Double click on test data and replace it with the title of Google Homepage(Google) as shown below:
    “Verify that the current page title is Google”

            Click on Create. Now let us Execute the Test Case with the two Test Steps we created.

         6.Click on the Run button at the top right corner and enter a name for the Execution. You may keep all the other configurations unchanged. After entering the name, click on Create and Run to start the execution.

                          We will see an “Execution is in progress” message now.

                     7. Wait for 2-3 seconds for the test to complete the execution. The page will refresh automatically and we should see the status as ‘Passed’ as shown below:

We have successfully created and executed our first test on Testsigma!

You can watch videos, screenshots and check the logs of executions. 

Testsigma Features

Super Fast Development

Superfast test development using simple English. Testsigma allows anybody to write automated tests at least five times faster. This process does not require coding. Hence, no programming knowledge required.

Getting Started with Test Automation Ecosystem

Testsigma includes all the vital elements needed for test automation. However, it does not require any tool or setup. No tool, setup, and likewise ramp-up time required. Therefore, sign up for free. And thus, get started with test automation on the cloud for continuous testing within minutes.

Fully Loaded Test Lab

Testsigma is a fully loaded test lab on Cloud. Hence, this is applicable for running tests. Furthermore, it has 1000+ OS/Browser/Version combos and 2000+ real mobile devices. Therefore, this allows thousands of tests to run in minutes.

Parallel Test Execution

Parallel execution to save time and at the same time, cost. Moreover, Testsigma uses parallel test execution and scalable test environments. Hence, to run thousands of tests in just a few minutes. This makes for faster feedback.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence reduces maintenance efforts and likewise improve productivity. Moreover, Testsigma saves test maintenance time by 70%. Hence, it also identifies potential failures and affected tests upfront. This saves execution time and cost. Reduces maintenance time by 70%. Defines affected tests, repetitive and possible failures upfront.

Continuous Testing

Testsigma provides for continuous testing for DevOps and Agile teams. This is possible through the shift-left approach, CI/CD integration, and also fast feedback. This accelerates web and mobile applications delivery. No initial time, cost and likewise resources required. 

Comprehensive, Dynamic and Customizable Reports

Testsigmas allows users to visualize data in many forms. For instance, summary reports, charts and timelines. Furthermore, it can easily slice, dice, and organize the most important information.

Reusability and Maintainability

Increase the reusability and also maintainability with Step Groups and Centralized Object Repository. Hence, collaborating teams to share all common resources.

Testsigma Pricing

Basic ( $249/month)

  • Up to 25 Projects
  • Up to 25 Users
  • Web Applications Automated Testing
  • 800+ Desktop, Browser & OS Combinations
  • Videos of Tests
  • Screenshots of Tests
  • Scheduled Executions
  • Version Management
  • Test Management
  • Cross Devise Testing
  • Support for Manual Testing
  • Object/Element Repository.
  • Activity, History of Your Tests.
  • Test Data Management
  • Cross OS Testing
  • Integrate with Slack, Jira, Jenkins, CircleCI, Sauce Labs and likewise BrowserStack
  • Basic Reports

Pro ($349/month)

All Basic Features Plus

  • Up to 99 Projects
  • Up to 99 Users
  • iOS and Android Web Applications Automated Testing
  • iOS and Android Native Applications Automated Testing
  • Web Services Testing
  • Requirement Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Activity, History of Your Tests.
  • Access to 2000+ Real iOS and also Android Devices
  • Scheduled Test Executions
  • Test Development Trend
  • Test Suites
  • Reusable Step Groups
  • Email and Slack Notifications
  • Custom Fields for Projects, Applications, Versions, Requirements, Test Cases
  • Advanced Analytics


All Pro Features Plus

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom Functions
  • Custom Integrations
  • Training and Implementation
  • Premium Support


1. Completely web-based with very intuitive interface
2. Work out of the box
3. End to End Test Management with powerful reporting and assignment
4. Programming language agnostic for the most part, very helpful for a team with expertise in the different programming language or no programming language
5. Allows to use the knowledge of Selenium WebDriver
6. Integration with Slack/Email Notification/Jenkins/Browser Stack/Sauce Lab/Jira


1. Lack of support for DB testing but possible with custom function
2. Reports could be clearer
3. Lack of full-page screenshot in some browsers but possible with custom function
4. Lack of feature to compare 2 screenshots/images for better cross browser testing

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Testsigma is built to address some of the problems with existing automation testing tools, like Huge Initial Time and Cost, Slow Test Development, High Execution Time and Costs, High Maintenance Efforts, Less Automation Coverage and Longer Payback Time.