The Added Layer Of Protection For Healthcare Workers During Intubation Of COVID Patients


The Introduction

The world facing the COVID 19 pandemic is rife with speculations about the virus itself. One fact stays constant – precaution is better than cure.

So we are advised to practice social distancing, frequently wash our hands, and keep a safe distance of at least 6 feet from people, if you must go out.

But, is this truly a possibility for the healthcare workers. Is it reasonable to expect the doctors and nurses, the primary care-givers of our healthcare system to stay 7 feet apart while trying to save lives?

The answer is a resounding no. So, how do we attempt to provide better protection for the first line of defense against the Coronavirus?

Initially, it was deemed enough protection for doctors and nurses to wear surgical masks and gloves.

The scenario is far from the norm. Now, the coronavirus can be transmitted through the respiratory droplets of an infected person to a non-infected person when the infected coughs, sneezes or even speaks.

So, healthcare workers need to adopt a different approach to protecting themselves. The current need demands more vigorous measures. The very best protection for healthcare workers during the intubation of COVID patients, try Aerosol Box –

Instead of measly masks and gloves, you now need impermeable aprons or coverall suits required as routine person protective equipment (PPE) and protective boots. 

This is especially related to doctors and nurses taking care of patients with suspected or confirmed 2019-nCoV Infection.

Do you believe these measures will suffice?

Once again we find that the answer is a no. Healthcare workers across the globe are falling to this virus? This clearly implies more stringent steps to be taken.

What is the solution?

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There is a necessity for plexiglass guards,custom acrylic sneeze guards, shields, and covers. Regal Plastics is one of the pioneers of the industry utilizing premium plastic to facilitate maximum protection for healthcare workers.

It simply isn’t possible for doctors to keep the required distance and provide medical care to the Coronavirus patients. Hence, using face shields, and sneeze and cough guards offer optimum safety.

Moreover, the risk of transmittance is far higher when intubating, therefore, Regal Plastic now offers, the custom acrylic (plexiglass) aerosol boxes.

These uniquely engineered clear plexiglass aerosol boxes, provide the added layer of protection that, doctors and nurses needed while intubating patients of COVID.

An added advantage of this protective cover is that it reduces the risk of spreading the virus to other individuals present in the room.

Moreover, it also keeps the medical supplies and equipment near the patients of Coronavirus more sanitary.

The fact that this pandemic has impacted the entire globe, PPE equipment is in shortage.

Regal Plastics understands the gravity of the situation. Hence, these intubation boxes are produced in-house with very little lead-time. These aerosol boxes can then mean the difference between life and death.

And, remember to stay in and keep the virus out.