The all-new Social Media platform for artists – Iamhere


The platform to discover and meet new people is in the town. By bringing together people with the same interests and backgrounds, this app is aiming to break the neighbourhood boundaries and building a more socialised marketplace.

The most amazing fact about Iamhere is that this app is for everyone. Whether you are a hobbyist, looking for people with the same interests or if you a social worker, looking for volunteers and NGOs, Iamhere will become the place for you to be.

Features of the application

Hobbies & Interests near you

You can pick people with the same interests and having the same hobbies on this app. Whether you love biking, playing games, a pet owner, nature lover, photographer, artist, fashion enthusiast, Iamhere will connect to all these neighbourhood people around you.

Professionals & Businesses near you

Interested in some profession and professional chats? Well, this app does that work too. On Iamhere, you can find people with the same occupation or the job in which you are interested in. Well, talking indirectly, you can use this app to spread your business approach too. If you are a freelancer, a techie, a lawyer, an accountant, or of any other profession, why not look for people around you? Well, this surely will help, and for this purpose, I think you should go for this app.

Events Near you

Interested in a dance show? Stand-Up comedy shows? A workshop? Any activity or even an open party? Well, why not make your circle, find groups around you, find events, join them, and have great fun.

Well, even create your event and have a bash.

Social Cause & Civic Issues

Up for a social cause? Want to volunteer some social work? Work for an NGO? Look for some event to contribute to society? Well, why not try this app and see for yourself if you can find something like this around you.

What makes it different?

Well, basically, at a glance, this app is none other than a social media platform just like Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. But well, there are things which make it different from those which are familiar to us.

  • Google maps can show you places, events, but not people.
  • Facebook has people, but well, it is hyperlocal and restricts you to collaborate with people you know.
  • Using Neighbourly, you can ask questions from your neighbours. But well, the app maintains its privacy by not making them discoverable. 
  • Nearify or Meetup only shows three things, events; events; and events.
  • Justdial or Yelp can show you a listing of businesses but well, no people.

So, all these platforms have something at the cost of something. But well, if you still think that there is no application which can provide you with everything, I think you should give Iamhere a shot.

Other Features of the platform

The best feature about this application is that you can make groups or communities on this app. And those communities are labelled as circles. And so, there are two types of rings on Iamhere.

Iamhere Open Circles

Circles which are open to all. Circles including a group of fashion designers, a community of gamers, a band of music lovers and many more. The thing about these types of rings is that any person can join them. Whether you are known to them, or unknown, they will be able to enter your circle, if they are interested.

Iamhere Closed Circles

And the second ones are the closed ones. Circles including a group of college alumni, same office workers, kids of the same neighbourhood and many more. People who are known to you and the people whom you want to join the circle will only be able to join it. 

How to Download the app?

The app is straightforward to download. You can download it from your regular app store. Just search in your search bar, ‘Iamhere’ and the top result is your answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the app free to download?

Yes, the app is free to download.

  • Can I download this application from the Apple app store?

Yes, the application is available on the Apple app store.

  • Is the feedback response from the company good?

 Yes, you can check on the Google play store that the company is very much responsive towards the reviews for the app.