The Best Computer Mice for 2020


At its core, the computer mouse is relatively simple piece of tech. There’s a pair of buttons split by a scroll wheel on the top and a sensor underneath. Add in a cable and it’s easy to see how it got its name. 

But mice have come a long way since those humble beginnings, with many now looking more akin to an Italian supercar than any small rodent. As mice have become more complicated, so has the market they’re sold in, which is now scattered with different styles, designs, features and prices. 

While it’s always great to have variety, choosing the best mouse for your needs isn’t so easy anymore. Let’s simplify things by taking a look at the best mice in their respective categories for 2020. 

Efficiency: Logitech MX Master 3

The latest iteration of Logitech’s iconic flagship peripheral remains a favorite among multitaskers and productivity freaks. Its futuristic design is perfectly sculpted for comfort over long periods, while the unique electromagnetic scroll wheel facilitates precision movement when you’re not using it to speed through long pages. 

That’s not mentioning the side-mounted scroll wheel or the two programmable buttons that flank it – or the fact that you can use the MX Master 3 to interact with three devices at once. Superb battery life and near-limitless customizability further sweeten the deal. 

Portability: Microsoft Surface Mobile

If you’re looking for something to take with you when traveling, the clean and simple Surface Mobile is a great wireless option that doesn’t break the bank. The space-saving design is comfortable and sturdy enough to survive a few knocks in your backpack, while the range of color options add a bit of interest to an otherwise minimalist form factor.

Gaming: Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Take your clicking and scrolling into the space age with Razer’s range-topping Basilisk Ultimate. Solid thumb support and an overall great hand feel make this mouse perfect for extended gaming sessions. Unlike most other wireless gaming mice, you don’t have to worry about input lag here; the updated sensor is dead-accurate. 

Of course, being a Razer product, you can let the Basilisk Ultimate light up your desk with its custom RGB elements. That is, if you can stomach the $160 price. Consider the Viper Ultimate if you want something a little more wallet-friendly from the same company. Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed is a considerable alternative for gaming in this price range. 

Lightweight: Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D

Let’s say you could do without all of the fancy tech and subsequent weight that it puts on your gaming mouse. In that case, the light and comfortable Model D and its honeycomb design is an excellent option. You’ll have to forgo wireless here, but you’re not paying more than $50 for one either, so it’s a fair compromise. 

For a more work-focused lightweight mouse, consider the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. It’s affordable, wireless and far lighter while still offering several productivity elements. 

At this point, it should be easier to find a mouse that suits your needs. Remember that this is one area where investment is worth it.

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