The Business Offers Luxury Campervans For A Staycation During Covid


After an inspiring road trip through South Africa, Sam Cohen decided to start a campervan business to offer others a glimpse of the experience he had. Cohen had toured the Western Cape of South Africa and described his journey as “unforgettable”. 

Because of the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic it has become difficult or even impossible to enjoy a holiday abroad. A campervan offers the possibility to at least enjoy a staycation in the UK. 

Brand-new Volkswagen California vans

Cohen’s business allows customers to hire a luxury campervan and take a break from daily life. The Volkswagen California vans are perfect for a road trip, even if the route is not very long. The vans include benefits such as small kitchens and roofs that can be lifted allowing travelers to enjoy a full view of the stars at night. Awnings that stretch out on the side provide some protection from the sun and the rain and are the perfect spot to have a meal. Even pets are welcome.

Campervans and motorhomes have become increasingly popular in recent months. The idea of driving through beautiful landscapes and visiting inspiring places seems especially attractive during this time. While a road trip can be exciting, there are some things you should take care of before traveling. One of the most important is to have good insurance and to learn how to repair the van quickly in case you get stuck on the road. It’s also a good idea to study the rules and regulations of the campsite, especially concerning the pandemic. 

Cohen’s business is growing rapidly

Cohen’s company Samco Campers has become very popular and already received a £1m investment. His firm offers a selection of different vans to choose from and the new business owner from Bury has set a goal to offer 15 vehicles in total by the end of the year, according to BusinessLive.

On their website, the company explains that “Covid-19 has made us all endure a change in one way or another. Throughout these unpredictable times, we have all had to make sacrifices, whether that is by now working from home or canceling plans we were once excited for.”

The luxury campervan hire business further explains that a staycation in a van offers the benefit of not having to isolate afterward and allows “social distancing, self-isolating and being self-sufficient.” The 29-year-old entrepreneur encourages customers to explore the campsites across England, Scotland, and Wales and says he hopes to “help lots of people getaway this year and see Britain in a new way.”

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