The Major Mistakes you are committing while selling used Phones

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Before asking “where can I get cash for my phone” Answer to this question.

Do you sell your used phones and buy phones? Probably not. Upgrading is well and good. 

However, why lose the opportunity of getting extra cash out of something you don’t use anymore.

However, don’t go and list your used phones straight away.

Understand our elaborative list of the major mistakes most people do when selling their used phones and then proceed with selling. 

  • Don’t lie about the Condition

You might see fresh and brand new phone images on the listing, but it will be completely damaged when you see the product in real life. 

You don’t want this to happen to you. Then, replicate the same with others. 

Some buyers know what they’re looking for while others browse to identify what they want. Irrespective of both these types, provide detailed information about your product. 

Building trust with the customer is essential, particularly when you resell a product. 

Does your smartphone have a small dent at the rear? Be honest and let them know. It might be surprising that you could sell your smartphone to a better price even if it has damaged. 

  • Social Networks or Word of Mouth

It is always comfortable to sell used phones to a known person. Many people think of big websites and retailers when it comes to selling used devices. 

But, interestingly, many of your friends, family or acquaintances might be looking for a phone just like yours. Why lose this opportunity?

Either way, you have to pay a commission to common reselling marketplaces like Amazon, eBay. Instead, you can save that money when you sell to a known person. 

You can use any social media to do this, but Facebook stands out to be the best as you might already have a huge friends list in it.

  • Meet the buyer in a PUBLIC place
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This is for all those who prefer to sell through websites. Sites like Craigslist let you expose your product to a wide variety of buyers.

Although this is a major advantage, you may not know what kind of buyers you will encounter. 

Some of the things you need to watch out includes

  1. Never invite strangers to your house.
  2. Meet them at a public place like a coffee shop, restaurant or nearby mall.
  3. Verify the device at the nearby carrier store to clarify the confusions.

This way, your buyer can ensure whether your phone is safe to use or blacklisted. Also, no shady people will agree to come to an official shop. 

  • The Comfort of the Buyer

As a buyer, they have a lot of questions. Please don’t mistake it and get annoyed. Let them ask their doubts.

Think from their perspective- they are investing in your used phone, so ultimately they seek better worth for the money. Kindly, provide them with all the answers they want to know. 

Try to be friendly, and even you can provide a contact number in case of any issue. 

This helps best when you’re selling a phone within 1 year of usage. In this case, If any issue occurs, you can help them claim the warranty.

  • Understand “Time is Money”

Most people take a long time to decide whether to sell their used phone. Remember one thing; the smartphone market is rapidly fast these days. 

Some of the flagship smartphones are considered old, even within a few months of launch. Act spontaneously!

The longer you wait, the less will be your phone’s value. Try to sell the phone before the new version is launched. 

This is because people love to use the latest version rather than a model of five years old.

Happy Selling! 

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Finally, remember the things we have mentioned here and make the right decision.