Things To Consider When Selecting Fitness Track For Kids


What exactly do you want for your child in a fitness tracker? You prefer something comfortable and fanciful plus other features. Here are some of the factors you need to check in your search for a fitness tracker for your kids.

Water-Resistant Fitness Tracker

This is one of the things to check out for in a fitness tracker. A water-resistant tracker will make your kid feel comfortable even when playing with water and in case they want to go swimming. Also, if you are not taking your kid to the pool, for the fact that the tracker has the feature will make you relax whenever they are out to play.

Band Material

The best fitness tracker for kids should have a silicone band for the wrist. This kind of handle gives room for your child’s wrist to grow and still fit in. It is made of durable material and cannot be damaged by sun, sweat and any other kind of fluid.

Note that there are mainly two options of band style. The first one is the traditional wristwatch style that has a strap. It can stretch to fit in your kid’s wrist perfectly. The other is a solid band. This can be more comfortable for children because there are no buckles and hooks to scratch their skin.


A large screen might not be too comfortable for children. Though there could be attractive features that you may need to get on the tracker, remember that your kid has a small wrist. You can also measure their wrist size to see how to get the exact size for them. In case your kid dont feel comfortable with any device on their wrist you can get the one with a clip to keep the device on their hand.

Battery Life

Understand that the more feature on the tracker determines how the battery is drained. To save your kid from everyday charging, do your best to get the ones with fewer features to make the battery last longer. Some of the fitness trackers for kids can stay more than a year without having any issue with the battery.


There are various trackers in the market today, and you can get them at an affordable price. You do not need to use a lot of cash to get a lovely tracker for your kids.

How To Get Your Child Active With A Fitness Tracker

Getting your kid a fitness tracker is cool. However, there are some steps you need to take to make them active. Here are some tips to get them active with the tracker.

Create a challenge for them. You can create a challenge or task for your family. Set them to meet up the challenge of who will take the most steps for the day or the week. You can tell them about a reward for who will come out the best. Inspire them to keep them active.

You can try them with something new that can get them active. It could be hiking, skating, better still you can register them for a karate session.

Invite one of their favourite friends to join in the fun for the day. They can get into that active mood when they are with friends or loved ones. If you want to go an extra length, you can register your kid with his friend in the same sports class.

Many kids love it when their parents join in the fitness activity. Get up, join them and be their motivator. This could help you get a bit of exercise too for yourself. Generally, kids tend to follow their parents’ lead. So make exercise as part of your routine so they can copy you.