Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Used CNC Machines

Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Used CNC Machines

If you have a restricted budget and want to purchase used CNC machines, then you need to consider several factors. Be it you want to buy used CNC horizontal machines or used CNC mill or used CNC lathe, these factors would slightly differ but each of them is still important. Some of the benefits of purchasing used CNC lathe machine are it increases profitability and productivity and reduces investment costs both monthly and at the beginning. By investing in a used CNC machine, you get an excellent chance to tens of thousands or thousands of dollars on equipment investment.

With the savings, you can purchase another two used machinery. The cost of one new CNC machine equals two to three used CNC machines. At Hi-Tech Machinery, they offer unlimited resources and direct support to choose the best machines suitable for your budget and production. Besides, if you see used CNC machines for sale advertisements in the newspaper or on the internet, we recommend selecting keeping these factors in mind.

Have an open mind:

Certain companies will create a group of shop personnel, ownership, maintenance, and management to choose the best CNC machine for their requirements. If it is a small business, the owner will make the decision most times. They will directly check the model and make and see whether it works for their requirements. It is always good to research and buy with an open mind. Do not stick to any particular brand or model or machine type. For example, horizontal machining is more valuable than adding another set of used vertical machines. This way, you will also have a variety of machines in your shop, which means a variety of capabilities. You can select and use the right tool for your forthcoming projects.

Flexible budget:

You may be planning to stick to a particular budget. In that case, you need to buy machinery that is valuable to your operation. If you come across a used CNC lathe with parts catcher or bar loaded included and slightly more than your budget, you need to consider the machine’s value in the long term. Surely, a machine with an additional feature is a benefit for you. In the same way, if you notice CNC mill with the fourth axis but comes with a price that is slightly more than your budget, you should take it as an extra worthy investment. It helps to broaden your profit potential and capabilities.


While buying any used machinery that comes with a CNC mill or lathe, you should consider financing it. Are you wondering why you should finance? It is important to hold cash for shop improvements, materials, electrical improvements, compressors, etc. Nowadays, finance rates are low and you can invest cash in other important areas than doing cash purchases. It is simple to buy used CNC machinery by financing. The procedures are not more than one page and you can just complete it in a few minutes.

Refurbished does not mean reconstructed: Most people get confused with the term refurbished and reconditioned. Remember, refurbished is just the second-hand machine. Do not think that the machine has been remanufactured by the reseller. Some people use such terms for making high prices. Before purchasing, check the warranties of the machine. It should be from the dealers directly. By doing quality inspection personally, you can easily get to know the complete functioning status of the machine.

Check your investment thoroughly: Be it you are inspecting by hiring an independent technician or hire a factory person to inspect for you or inspecting yourself, it is important to see the entire working status and warranties. It is always recommended to take a qualified person with you to see the maintenance records. 

If you are purchasing from a broker, there are no chances of getting a refund when the machine fails to function after your purchase. It is important to buy from the leading dealers as they provide only good reconditioned and refurbished machinery. You have to function the equipment yourself and see whether it is operative. Some dealers just paint or clean the machine and put it for sale.

Used CNC machines for sale

Hi-Tech Machinery Inc. offers all necessary resources and tools to assist you in making the best decision for purchasing used machinery. Contact the team for more information. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Used CNC Machines