Three Actions You Can Take to Increase the Safety of Your Fleet


There were more than 108,000 large truck and bus crashes in the United States in 2020. Not surprisingly, many of these result in injuries and fatalities. When a 35,000-lb rig hits a 3,000-lb car, people in the car will sustain injuries. That’s why safety measures like a fleet dash cam are so important in the trucking industry.

You have a responsibility to your drivers and to your company to make trucking as safe as possible. Fortunately, new technology has made it much easier to achieve a high level of safety. 

Advanced Driver Terminals

A quality driver terminal offers many features that promote trucking safety. GPS guides the driver to the fastest and safest routes to their destination, including traffic and weather alerts. Also, this technology allows you to track your drivers in the event they need assistance. You no longer have to worry about how to find a truck that’s broken down in a rural area since GPS which pinpoints the location. 

Most systems include a rearview camera, which is a simple yet vital tool that helps improve safety. Drivers can more accurately back up their rigs when needed, and they also have a clear view of passenger vehicles that often follow too closely to see from the side mirrors. 

Vehicle Monitoring Devices

Vehicle monitoring devices not only track the location of a truck but also run remote checks on vehicle parts and performance. While the truck is on the road, you can learn if the vehicle is running at the optimum temperature, if the tires are properly inflated, and if the door locks are engaged. If you spot a problem, you can immediately notify the driver and have them take corrective actions. 

Fleet Dash Cameras

A fleet dash cam offers you and your drivers increased safety and peace of mind. It can monitor drivers for unsafe driving practices, allowing you to coach them on improving their performance. In case of an accident, you have full visibility into the incident. The video footage protects your driver from false allegations and provides clear proof for insurance companies. Plus, the fleet dash cam increases efficiency as well. You get a higher safety level and increased profits. 

Final Thoughts

Truck driving can be risky, but thanks to improved technology, you can increase driver safety and also protect others on the road. Fleet dash cams, vehicle monitoring devices, and advanced driver terminals are three easy ways to reduce costly safety incidents. 

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