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Nine Practical Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated to Stay Fit


Everyone wants good health and a great body. First, you should know that an overweight body is not necessarily a bad body; it all depends on your genes. Some get it in inheritance, some build it, and some can’t even build it.

You might think that a body without fat is an attractive body. This may be true in most cases, but different people like different things. Your workout goal should not be to impress others but to be the best version of yourself with very good health.

Some little talks and little thinking might get you motivated for a little while, but the effect wears off in a little while. The workout is not as difficult in itself than finding the motivation to workout. That’s why you have to force yourself and use a few tricks so you can continue until it becomes a habit of yours.

It’s very difficult at the beginning, but you won’t be able to live without it once it becomes your habit. You don’t look for excuses but reasons to start exercising. Until then, here are a few tips to keep you motivated.

Install an App that Pays You

The best one goes first. There are many mobile applications that really pay you to keep yourself healthy. Follow this list to see the list of mobile apps that will pay you to walk. Some of them pay you directly and some pay in the form of a cryptocurrency that you can convert. This way, they also get a little benefit out of it.

If you already have enough money and don’t feel like it could be a big motivator for you, you can install a fitness app that donates to a charity every time you use it and follow its instructions. These apps are a great help themselves and offer a great service. They will tell you how you should workout and help you follow a routine.

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Start Easy

Don’t try to become Arnold Schwarzenegger on the very first day of your workout. You should always start low and make it harder gradually.

You would lose the motivation to go to the gym the next day if you burned out yourself the first day. Start with something that you enjoy and find easy. Start to add one difficult thing the next day or increase the number of repetitions.

Remember, your goal should be to build a habit at the beginning, not the body.

Don’t Let Yourself Excuse

You will not feel like going exercising every day. That’s how it works. You might be motivated the first few days, but you lose it very fast when you cut yourself some slack.

That’s exactly what you should not do this time.

When you feel like making excuses, force yourself to do the opposite. Make it a rule and strictly follow it.

Just Get Out of the House

Here is a trick if you don’t want to do exercise. Get up, pick your kit, and get out of the house. Close the door behind you as soon as you step out.

Don’t think about it or say anything; just do it.

If you got into thinking or reasoning, you would start to procrastinate, which always turns out only one way. The goal is not to let yourself think; not anyone benefits or goals.

Set Realistic Goals

It’s crucial that you set goals for yourself and then work to achieve them. Every day you exercise, you get one step closer to your goals.

However, one mistake most people make is setting unrealistic goals, which is a big de-motivator.

You should set small and realistic goals that you can achieve every week or month. These goals should also be very easy that you know that you can achieve no matter what.

If possible, discuss these goals with some who have been working out for a long time. He will tell you if your goals are realistic or not.

You want to get that amazing body, but that takes time. Setting long goals won’t keep you motivated. It should be the end goal divided by many smaller goals.

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Create a Fitness Plan

You can get an app for this if you want. Most of them are free, and they work great. You need to create a fitness plan according to your body type and body goals.

Reserve time to exercise every day with off days only on weekends. Of course, you need rest; otherwise, you won’t get the results you want.

Your goal should not be to burn yourself out. You should be aiming to what brings the best results, and a fitness plan is important for that.

Make Good Music Playlist

This is important even if you are not into music. Make a playlist of music that you like and the ones that are designed for workouts.

Usually, fast and loud music works great if you are going to the gym to exercise with machines. Although any type of music works here, you should try to avoid slow classical music during workouts.

Ignore What Others Say

Don’t pay attention to any negative thing others say. Most probably, these people will be from your own family.

You are not going through these difficulties for them, so don’t let them discourage you.

You should only take tips from your trainer and listen to what he says. Other than that, ignore what anyone says about your workouts or routine no matter how long he/she has been working out.

Follow it Like a Job

No one likes to get up in the morning. Leaving the job and getting ready for the office is usually the most difficult thing we have to do every day.

However, we do it every day because it’s our job.

You need to make the same mindset for the exercise plan. Follow it like it’s your job, and you are getting paid for it. The job you do for others, but this is something you are doing for yourself, and you deserve a little time for yourself.

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