Tips on Beautifying Houses with Artificial Grass

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You may have often seen artificial grass used for soccer fields. However, did you know that actually you can also use artificial grass to enhance your home decor? Some examples are for:

Wall decoration

Who says artificial grass can only be installed at the bottom. You can also install it on the wall of the house. As long as you can arrange it well, then the use of grass on the walls of this house will make the room look fresh and beautiful. You can install this grass completely covering one side of the wall and then attach the wall hangings. Choose the right decoration to make it look integrated with the grass. Or, you can also make niches with certain shapes and then fill them with artificial grass.


If you use the concept of back to nature in a room at home, it would not hurt if you use a carpet made of artificial grass. You can place it under furniture like a carpet function in general. Choose carpets with bright colors and resemble young grass so the room looks fresh, smooth texture so as not to hurt you when you walk on it barefoot.

Dry garden

You do not have a yard outside the house but still want to have a garden? Or maybe you live in an apartment so it is not possible to make a garden. To overcome this, you can make a dry garden by using artificial grass. Indeed, you cannot plant live plants in a garden in this house, but at least if you are diligent in cleaning all the components in this dry garden, its presence can still brighten the atmosphere in the room.


If you want to have an instant garden, you won’t be able to use real grass. Because real grass will need a lot of time for the process of growth to be able to completely fill the yard with a green color. But if you use artificial grass, you will be able to get a fresh green atmosphere in no time. As long as you install it properly, artificial grass is still able to drain the water properly.

Compared to ordinary grass, artificial grass is stronger and not easily damaged even though it is often stepped on and used to move on it. Whereas ordinary grass, can become brown and then wither even easily uprooted from its roots. If you feel you are not good at installing homemade grass, you can ask for help from a handyman to pair it. So the costs you spend only on the purchase of grass and installation. Unlike ordinary grass, you have to pay extra costs regularly such as paying for the services of a gardener, buying fertilizer, pesticides, and so on.

Artificial grass does not need sunlight to grow and develop, so it can be placed anywhere you want. In contrast to ordinary grass that must be placed outside the home, because it requires sunlight for its growth. If you put ordinary grass on the interior of the house, you have to design the house in such a way that the sun can enter and illuminate the grass. Cleaning artificial grass does not need to use water. Simply by using a low-pressure vacuum cleaner, top rub it with a cloth dipped in soap if the grass is dirty. As for natural grass, you have to give it fertilizer, diligently watering, and even pruning it so that the grass doesn’t grow wild. 


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