Tips to Move Sofa Easily and Safely


One of the difficulties when moving a house or apartment is when you have to move furniture that has a large size. Apart from the relatively large size, another difficulty is the capacity of the furniture which is heavy enough to be moved. One example is the sofa chair which is one of the common pieces of furniture in the house. Moving a sofa chair requires extra effort and care. For most people, this is one of the more difficult activities of the move. Here are some tips from furniture removalist sydney when moving the sofa when moving a house or apartment.

The first step that must be done is to remove the sofa cushion or cushion one by one. If possible, remove the legs or wheels located at the ends of the sofa. It is important to remove the legs or wheels at the end of this chair so as not to disturb or make it difficult to move. If it can be removed, store it properly and put it in a bundle or plastic bag so it doesn’t get lost or scattered and left behind. After that, involve a few people to help lift it. When passing through the door try to be more careful and tilt to fit when passing through the door. Take care not to get scratched by friction against the side of the door or wall so that it is safe from possible damage.

Those are a few tips when you want to move the sofa when moving a house or apartment. Please contact us if you need professional and quality moving services. We ensure your belongings are well protected during the moving process and carry out the move in a good and correct manner.

Having a moving time or schedule in advance can provide many benefits.

Can Reduce Stress Levels

Moving is not an easy thing. Confusion and panic will trigger your stress levels. Planning a transfer time in advance will give you plenty of time to prepare for everything. Including the time to choose what items to take or leave. You also have time to consider items that are no longer used for sale or donation.

There Is Time To Make Data Changes

This data is information recorded by the service provider company. For example computer networks, telephone, electricity, water, credit cards, garbage disposal, etc. Inform your plans for moving. Do not let after you move, there is a collection letter addressed to your old house. You will also have sufficient time to share your new address with relatives and friends.

Packing Items Neatly and More Orderly

Sufficient time gives you the leeway to pack things properly. Pack the goods in the right way and use quality packing materials to avoid the risk of broken and damaged goods.

Reducing the risk of being forgotten or left behind

Hurrying will only make you panic and potentially make you forget what to bring. With careful planning, you can make a checklist/list of items to bring so that no items will be left behind.

There is Time to Ask a Friend or Relative for Help

Call your friends or relatives ahead of time if you need assistance with the move. If one of your friends or relatives is unable to help, you still have the opportunity to contact another friend or relative as an alternative.

There is a time lag in finding and selecting a moving service

If you plan to use a moving service, you can do an internet search. Contact several moving services at once, ask for information, and a price quote. Compare and decide which one you choose. Remember, you must choose a professional and quality moving service. Look for office addresses, portfolios, and see the reputation.