Top 11 Best Tech Websites Every Tech-Nerd Should Know


Technology can be learned anywhere and anytime. Tech websites and blogs are abundant today, allowing newbies and tech-nerds to get the latest and credible news, stories, and information right from the phone. The tech sites typically provide information related to computers, software, gadgets, and the like. Either you want to dive deeper into the tech field or simply want to update yourself, here are the top 15 best tech websites to visit. 

TechRadar is among the most popular tech sites to access on the internet. Thousands of articles are provided, allowing newbies and tech-nerds to learn something new about laptops, tablets, software, and tech-related information. The fact that TechRadar provides product rating, it can help you make a decision before actually purchasing a new-release product. 

The site boasts a user-friendly interface as well as a search bar that lets you find anything effortlessly. Several categories are provided, such as product reviews, news, and phones. Each category contains plentiful articles to enrich your knowledge. 

This tech site is suitable for beginners and professionals. The Verge has all you need to know about the latest technology such as news, articles, and even videos. Myriad choices of product reviews including phones, tablets, smartwatches, and buying guides help you make the best purchase. 

Additionally, the site brings more than technology information as you can also find entertainment category. You can find anything about the latest films, books, comics, games, music, and many others only by clicking this category. Or else, you can take advantage of the search icon to find related articles. 

If you are an avid Android user and are always thirsty for the hottest news, Best Tech Website is the best site to visit. The technology website provides copious articles, mostly about Android. Whether you want to install the best puzzle games or need help to decide which battery saver is the best, is there to help. 

The clean and user-friendly interface gives an added point to this tech site. Coming with three main categories including how to, info, and review, this site can be beginners’ best friend. makes you the first to know the latest news and information, including about gadgets. Despite the website is not specialized on technology, you can find plenty of articles and news related to the hottest technology, electronics, and many more. It also features entertainment, business, science, and opinion. 

This website is suitable for you who need a casual reading. More importantly, the trustworthy site gives you credible and valid information so it won’t mislead the readers. Make yourself look smarter and updated with the 

Mostly talk about internet portals and product reviews, the is among the best tech sites to access. This online publication provides a long list of articles containing business, technology, as well as the latest product. offers some different categories such as startups, videos, events, and Extra Crunch that allows you to get the best out of the site. Additionally, you can make an account to enjoy more about this tech website. 

As one of the leading tech websites worldwide, The Next Web is what every tech-nerd needs to keep updated. 

It provides any technology-related information which is updated on a daily basis. Let’s say that The Next Web gives you a daily dose of tech news. 

Interestingly, the site is divided into several sections such as Apps, Gear, and Creative. Only by clicking each section as desired, you will be directed to another page with credible articles. is among the credible sources of information when it comes to tech news. Computer nerds and avid gadget enthusiasts can access this website for guides, articles, and reviews. A few articles about the car can also be found on this leading website. 

If you are more into movies, Gizmodo also provides attractive videos reviewing the latest films, movies, and TV shows. In addition, gamers must not miss this tech site as a lot of news and articles have been written to enrich their knowledge. 

Tech-nerds can find abundant articles and news releases about technology, games, and gadgets on This publication features the latest stories, videos, latest reviews and many more to pamper computer and gadget enthusiasts. 

If you want to start a new lifestyle surrounded by technology, Digital Trends also provides a special section for you. The Smart Home section gives all the information related to smart houses, including tips and tricks to build a clever house. 

The next best tech website is that provides language-specific and region-specific editions. Beginners need to access CNET as it offers numerous reviews on freeware and software. Not to mention product reviews are also available to help you make a decision. 

The publication which has been established since 1994 comes with a number of categories such as reviews, deals, news, and how to. While the homepage displays the latest stories and news, clicking each category allows you to find more specific information. 

Tom’s Hardware has been renowned as a trustworthy source for technology news and stories. It has been around since 1996 and has published thousands of articles for beginners and professionals. The website is neat and organized, allowing visitors to spend more time scrolling on each page. 

Surprisingly, Tom’s Hardware offers a unique section known as ‘build your own’. This section enables you to build your own computer, ensuring beginners to upgrade their skills right from home. Besides, plenty of articles are also available to enrich your knowledge about computers and gadgets. 

The last but not least, PC Mag is among the best tech sites to visit. Computer nerds or consumers can get the best out of it, thanks to credible information it publishes. The website contains several sections including Top 10 that lets you figure out 10 best products of specific categories such as computers, earbuds, and even software. The best thing about PC Mag is that it features Editor’s Choice which helps you choose the best products according to editor’s point of view. You can find out the pros and cons along with the bottom line so you can easily make a decision before purchasing.

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