Top 15 Best Blogs to Follow for Tech in 2020


With multiple new gadgets and applications getting launched every day, users need to stay caught up and kept up in the loop.

This is where tech blogs come in handy. Reading tech blogs is the best way to quickly learn about the new tech that hits the market.

Statistics reveal that 77 percent of Internet users read blogs, and the average user spends 23 percent of their time on the Internet reading blogs. Investors, entrepreneurs, students, and avid learners are increasingly following tech blogs each day.

As the number of readers are increasing day by day, many experts are starting blogging and taking it a full time profession.

Are you staying up to date?

Using blogs make it easy to stay posted about significant changes in the industry that may have happened overnight!

To help you find the right source, here is a roundup of the best blogs you can follow for tech news in 2020.

#1. TechCrunch


Image: TechCrunch.png

TechCrunch is one of the leading blog sites that consistently provide well-written articles covering the latest tech—be it gadgets, apps, or tech events.

They also have a TechCrunch app, which enables mobile users to enjoy news on the go.

Founded by Keith Teare and Michael Arrington in 2005 while at Archimedes Ventures, the website originally aimed to supply the latest tech news to the tech enthusiasts.

AOL bought TechCrunch in 2010. It has since remained one of the best tech news publishers and also won a Webby Best Business Blog award in 2014.


#2. Wired


Image: Wired.png

Wired is one of the biggest names in the blogging industry. This tech news outlet focuses on how emerging tech affects our culture, economy, and politics.

Providing in-depth coverage of current and future trends in tech, Wired is your one-stop solution for staying updated with the latest tech news.

It has been in publication since 1993, and since then, multiple spin-offs have been launched, such as Wired UK, Wired Japan, and Wired Germany.

Wired has won over nineteen awards and was named the Magazine of the Decade in 2009 by the editors of Adweek.

#3. Engadget


Image: Engadget.png

Engadget has been around for over a decade and produces the Internet’s most compelling tech news stories.

One can also find tech videos and product reviews with breaking news about the people, products, and ideas shaping our tech.

Founded by former technology weblog editor Peter Rojas, it was sold to AOL in 2005, a year after its launch.

The site has been ranked among the top 5 blogs in the “Technorati Top 100” and was noted to be one of the best blogs of 2010 by Time magazine.

#4. Gizmodo


Image: Gizmodo.png

Launched initially as a part of the Gawker Media Network, Gizmodo is a technology, design, science, and science fiction website which also features articles on politics.

Founded back in 2002, Gizmodo has a long-standing history in the tech industry and is a well-respected source of tech news.

The simple newsboard-like interface gives readers a gist of what’s happening in the industry at a glance.

The site paces its content very well, and the well-written articles feature breaking news stories. Gizmodo has an apt tagline: “We come from the future.”

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#5. MIT Technology Review


Image: MIT-Technology-Review.png

Learning about the newest happenings in the tech industry is made easy with the MIT Technology Review.

The site has a more abundant history than many other blogs on this list. It was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1899.

The blog aims to provide readers with authoritatively filtered content rather than an overwhelming flood of information.

The posts furnished on the site use a simple, explicit language, and the site also provides business reports, reviews, photo essays, along with news analysis.

#6. The Verge


Image: The-verge.png

The Verge is a prominent multimedia effort founded in 2011. It aims to examine how technology will change lives in the future for a massive mainstream audience.

One of the best sources of tech news, The Verge treats tech as being central to the lives of readers. The content is well-written and clear, designed to cut through the noise and make the news accessible to everyone.

In April 2019, Verge Science won a Webby Award and a People’s Voice Award in the Science and Education (Channels and Networks) category.

#7. NYT Bits


Image: NYT-Bits.png

The NYT Bits is a column from The New York Times that provides analysis and insight on the latest activities in the tech industry at large, with particular attention paid to events in Silicon Valley.

New content is uploaded every week and keeps readers in the loop about current events.

#8. ZDNet


Image: ZDNet.png

ZDNet is one of the oldest blogs around that has a central focus on the happenings in the tech industry. Founded in 1991, ZDNet supplies news, analysis, and research on the latest trends and events in the industry.

The crisp, content-rich interface makes it easy for users to skim through the quality content furnished by the site.

The site operates 24-7, and new stories are added every hour—keeping readers updated with the latest news.

#9. Recode


Image: Recode.png

It is the best source for independently curated news and analysis of the newest tech.

Recode is home to some of the tech industry’s most-informed and most-respected journalists. The site furnishes tech news, analysis, and product reviews.

Recode was founded in 2014 by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. After just one year of launch, Recode was sold to Vox Media in 2015 and integrated into the site a few months later.

The site has received an Excellence in Online Journalism Award from the US National Press Foundation and many other prestigious awards.

#10. CNET


Image: CNET.png

Be it the latest consumer technology breakthroughs or significant events in the tech industry, CNET covers it all.

The site pays particular attention to how tech interacts with our daily lives. CNET also has an app, a YouTube channel, and it furnishes high-quality content across all major social media platforms.

CNET is also one of the few media companies in tech that still issues a print magazine. The magazine is published quarterly.

Along with detailed reviews, CNET also provides tools and advice that readers can use to make an informed decision when buying anything tech-related.

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#11. Android Authority


Image: Android-authority.png

It’s your one-stop fix for all the latest Android news, phone reviews, opinions, detailed product overview videos, giveaways, and much more.

Android Authority is a blog dedicated to providing expert tips and news surrounding Android phones. Other than the news reports, the site also furnishes quality content surrounding useful Android apps, rooting guides, and how-to’s.

One can also find in-depth reviews of Android tablets and other Android products on the site.

Having over 7 million followers on social media sites, Android Authority is the most important blog site dedicated to one of the world’s most broadly adopted operating systems.

#12. Hacker Noon


Image: Hackernoon.png

Hacker Noon is one of the best platforms for independent tech bloggers. The site enables readers to get a root-level view of the functioning and working of the latest tech.

The site has a broad focus, with quality content related to both tech and businesses involved in creating tech at the root level.

The independent approach to news and opinions makes the site especially involved with up-and-coming tech start-ups. With over 7,000 regular contributors, readers are exposed to content from experts from a wide gamut of niches.

#13. VentureBeat


Image: VentureBeat.png

VentureBeat is one of the leading sources of tech news that pertain mainly to industry events and groundbreaking new tech. The site supplies readers with a magnified look at the latest innovations in the technology industry.

The content furnished on VentureBeat provides a grassroots view of the newest technology. Well-written and fresh content helps enthusiasts, executives, and entrepreneurs to make smart decisions. Founded in 2006 by Matt Marshall, VentureBeat also hosts tech events, the most recent of which is the very successful A.I. Innovation Awards.

#14. GeekWire


Image: GeekWire.png

Started in 2011, GeekWire is a technology news blog that covers innovations by both start-ups and established tech companies alike.

With a massive audience of tech-savvy readers across the globe, GeekWire furnishes breaking tech news, expert analysis, and supplies readers with unique insights into the tech industry.

GeekWire’s blogs are regularly featured on the Techmeme leaderboard since GeekWire is one of the sources that post most frequently on that site.

Since 2013, the GeekWire Awards have helped showcase the best of the technology industry.

#15. Extreme Tech


Image: Extreme-tech.png

With a simple newsboard-like interface, ExtremeTech is one of the best sources for the latest tech news. The site’s high-quality content gives readers insight into emerging science and technology trends and upcoming gadgets and gizmos.

The site also supplies readers with the best deals in tech, along with detailed reviews of the newest devices.

In this fast-moving age, tech-savvy readers find it essential to have a one-stop destination for all the latest tech news.

Glancing over sites like CNET and Engadget should be enough to fill you in on the news for the day. However, other blogs like Android Authority and Gizmodo cover specific niches and will keep the readers in the loop.

Regardless of what niche in tech you’re most into, be it smartphones or games, it is easy to find the perfect blog for you using our list.