Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider a Business Career in Accounting


If you’re interested in the business world but you’re not sure what educational path you should choose, there are a few great reasons to consider an accounting career. This classic career is well known for its stability, frequent job openings, lucrative salaries and respected positions. If you’re good with numbers, highly organized and able to consistently meet deadlines, there are some compelling reasons to look into an accounting degree as the next step towards the career of your dreams.

1. There Are Several Career Paths Available

While the term “accountant” might make the profession sound monolithic, the truth is, qualified accountants have job opportunities in just about every industry. When you have an accounting degree, a wide range of roles open up as possibilities for you, so you have the freedom to explore different sectors and find something you truly enjoy. With a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for positions like staff auditor, tax reviewer, budget analyst and more. If you go further and complete a master’s degree, you could potentially become a certified public accountant, a financial manager or apply for a number of senior positions. With enough time on the job, you could even work your way up to C-suite management and higher leadership positions!

2. You Can Combine Interests

Because accountants are in such high demand in virtually every sector, working in accounting affords you the possibility of combining multiple interests in one job. For example, if you’re interested in criminal justice, you could potentially work in the area of forensic accounting and fraud identification. No matter what your other interests are, there’s the possibility of combining them with accounting and working in a field that keeps you mentally stimulated throughout the workday.

3. It Can Be Lucrative

If you’re interested in having a career that allows you to lead a comfortable life, look no further than accounting. Besides its abundance of job opportunities and consistent work, accounting also tends to be well paid. In fact, when you work your way up to more senior positions, you could be making over six figures.

4. You Can Pivot Into Other Business Careers

Finally, if you complete a degree in accounting but realize that it’s not quite right for you, there’s no reason to worry about not being able to use your degree. Simply having an accounting degree can open up doors for you in countless other aspects of the business world, even if they’re not related to accounting directly. This is because you learn valuable business and critical thinking skills throughout your degree that you can carry with you no matter what job you land in the future.

If you’re trying to figure out which business career is right for you and you’re not sure what field provides secure work that’s often also lucrative and interesting, you may want to add accounting careers to your list. From employability in multiple sectors to consistent job security, accountants enjoy a number of perks in their career field every day. If you work well with numbers and have a knack for organization and rational thinking, consider going into accounting. It could just be the perfect career path for you.