Top 5 Wix SEO Tips to Get Your Site Ranked Higher


Wix is by far one of the best website builders available online and at 110 million users, one of
the most popular. It provides an easy and beautiful platform that anyone can use and create
great sites for any type of business. That being said, like other builders, it doesn’t offer much in
the way of SEO. It does have Wix Wiz, a basic SEO tool that is good for on-page SEO but it
only can help with really basic ranking elements.
Not to worry you can still take your Wix site to the next level with some helpful tips. In this
article, we are giving you ways to increase rankings, target organic traffic, and get more

Tip #1: Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords have become practically synonymous with SEO and for good reason. The better your
keywords, the better your searchability, ranking, and more. Long-tail keywords are keywords
that have more words than average. Ideally, you want your keywords to meet these important

● More than 3-4 words long
● Targeted
● Unique
● Specific
● Detailed

To do this use keyword tools like Moz or SEMRush. These bad boys tell you everything from
how many people are searching that term each month to how competitive a keyword is,
meaning many people are trying to use it, making it harder to rank.
For example, if you sell cupcakes, just using great cupcakes doesn’t meet our criteria. Instead
try, low-calorie, gluten-free, no egg cupcakes. It's long, targeted to a specific group of people,
detailed, and very specific not to mention unique.

Tip #2: Title & Descriptions

Metadata is very important. This refers to the titles and descriptions you use on your website.
For Wix SEO make sure your titles are highly unique for every single page. When being
crawled by search engines duplicate content will affect your ranking, so make sure your content
is completely different.They should grab attention and have a lot of likeabilities which leads to clickability.

Tip #3: It must be 100% Responsive

Today, when mobile and other smark devices rule, having a site that is completely responsive is
critical. Half of all searches are done on a cell phone and that number will continue to rise. This
doesn’t just refer to design elements but also page loading times. Under 3 seconds is a perfect
load time, anything under that and most customers won't stick around. Here are 5 key elements
to consider before you launch your mobile site:

1. Make sure your content is clear and concise
2. Use an action bar so your visitors can get in touch easily
3. Navigation is key-make sure your navigation is sized right
4. Compress all videos and images so page loading times are super fast
5. Consider design elements that may be too intense or affect readability

Tip #4: Submit Your Sitemap

Your website plan or sitemap is a major factor in improving your overall Wix SEO and impacts
your rankings on SERPs. You can do this yourself by going to the Google Search Console. This
is also a great time to contact a Wix SEO expert who can help you optimize your sitemap so it is
easily crawled and all the pages connect clearly without any 404 errors.
Follow a step-by-step guide on GSC or contact a local Wix specialist to do this fast.

Tip #5: Local SEO

This tip could be number 1 because when it comes to SEO, people search locally first. Make
sure your site and business are found easily by taking these steps:

● Claim your business on Google My Business so all your hours, numbers, addresses,
and reviews are front and center.
● Sign up for as many local directories as you can also, The more places you are listed the
better – check our Yelp!, Foursquare, Bing, Yahoo, Citysearch, and more.
● Get on the Map! You need to get on the Local Pack which is the highest-ranked
businesses off of Google Maps. To get on top, get as many great reviews as possible.


Wix SEO is fine but optimizing it will make a huge difference. To take your site to the next level
consider using the above tips. Long-tail keywords for search rankings, Local SEO to get found
and on the map fast, submitting your site-map, and of course being 100% responsive are all
important elements. If you don’t have the time, consider getting an SEO specialist who
understands Wix SEO limitations, so you can take your stunning site to the top.