Top 6 Best Video Compressor Online for Free

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Videos have become an integral part of every industry. It includes all types of videos from high-resolution made with mobile phones to the high-end industry videos and there are a variety of videos out there for video lovers as well as movie fans to enjoy.

But the issue is that it has becoming difficult to keep all such video files on the device as it has too many with high-quality and can eat up the storage space easily.So how do you decrease the size of 4K videos with maintaining high-quality of the videos to safe storage space on your computer?The post is all about this.

Here, we are having the best video compressor software that is available online and you need not compromise with the quality of the video. The list of top six video compressor online is given below and we are getting into it to know more about these.

The best one is the WonderShare UniConverter.

The top six Online video compressor to reduce video size

  1. WonderShare UniConverter Online

There is a big reason that this tool is coming in the first place as it is the best video compressor and you can use it both online as well as offline. It has a bunch of unique and creative features that will help to convert the videos without alerting their size. Here are three easy steps to use this software:

  • Step 1: Add the videos

The software has provided an option to add the video that you want to compress and you need to choose files and then tap on “Add files”.

  • Step 2: Choose the file format

After adding video, choose the format in which you want the video conversion as the software has a variety of output formats available.

  • Step 3: Convert your videos

Click on “Convert” to convert the videos you have chosen. It takes no time and easy to do.


  • East to use
  • Free of cost
  1. Handbrake

An excellent interest and ratings are received by this software among users. This tool is a favorite of video lovers as it can easily compress videos online on Windows, Linux as well as Max devices too.


  • Free of cost
  • Fast and simple to use


  • Old-fashioned interface
  1. CloudConvert

An easy route to compress the video files is provided by this tool and also saving it on your disc. With such a simple drag and drop interface, it offers an appealing user interface that enables the users to convert the videos easily. There is no need to download anything as it is available online and allows you to compress videos in batch to save a lot of time.


  • Fast conversion
  • Batch conversion


  • Limited supported formats
  • Restrictions to free versions
  1. YouCompress

This one is the handy tool for people who are looking for a simple video compressor online to reduce the size of images, audios, and video files too. It has no restrictions and you can convert the video files in various formats. The whole process is automated on this online tool there is no need to make adjustments to get the high-resolution or bitrate.


  • Easy and fast
  • Allow all types of media files


  • No option to choose the output file format
  • No adjustments in video settings
  1. Zamzar

This is the ideal destination to convert all types of files. It becomes super easy to compress the video files and there is only a need to choose the video file, desired output formats, and get your compressed video ready in no time.

The tool is super fast and there is no need to waste time when you are converting the videos on Zamzar.


  • Convenient
  • Allow videos in batch


  • Needs email to receive the compressed video files
  • Not many features
  1. Microsoft Expression Encoder

This one is the upgraded version of Windows Media Coder. It has a wide range of options available to reduce the file size of the video and even offers an A/B Compare button for you to analyze the parameters to maintain a balance between the quality and size of the video.


  • Various features are available
  • Test the compressor parameters


  • Limited features

Final Words

All the tools as we mentioned above are excellent and remarkable to use that will help you to reduce the video size online without compromising with the video quality. While al is great in their way but the amazing one is the WonderShare UniCoverter that hits the first place on this top best video compressor online.