Top 6 Best Video Compressors Online for Free


We live in a world of technology where we entertain ourselves by watching our favourite movies or music video on PC, laptops or mobile devices. We often download the music video or movie in high resolution, which can take up excessive space on our device. To save these videos, we need a video compressor that can efficiently compress a video to save extra space on the device. Also, the output video and audio quality should not be compromised. Here are the lists of Top 6 Best Video Compressor Online for Free.

  • Wondershare UniConverter ( This is an online video compressor tool that allows users to compress and reduce the file size by changing several parameters like file format, bit rate, and file size. There is no limitation of file size with the software version which is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows operating system.

Step 1:- Download and install Wondershare UniConverter software from its official website.

Step 2:- Launch the application by double click on the icon from desktop screen and add the files that needs to be compressed.

best free MP4 compressor

Step 3:- Change the parameters like quality, file size, file format, bit rate and resolution for file compression and click on preview button.

Step 4:- Select the location for storing the output file to desired location and then click on compress button.

☞Pros:-Bulk video compression is possible, availability of more than 1000+ file formats.

☞Cons:-Separate software for windows and Mac users needs to be downloaded and installed.

  • is a free online video compressor tool that enables you to compress the video, images and gifs. This website can be used for cutting the video, resizing the video, slide show making etc. In case you want to reduce the file size the website can be an ideal tool.

☞Pros: – User can directly upload the video files from their disk drive.

☞Cons: – However, there is a restriction that the file size of the video to be compressed must be less than 500 MB only.

  • of video file size can be done with this online video converter tool. It can also be used for merging videos, combining multiple videos into one file and change the file format of the video files as well. However, using the tool has also a limitation of maximum file size i.e. 200 MB. It means that we can only compress video that is less than 200 MB only. In case we want to compress video which is larger than 200 MB then this tool cannot compress it.

☞Pros:-Effective tool for compressing videos less than 200MB.

☞Cons:-There is restriction to maximum file size that needs to be converted and also do not allow bulk video compression.

  • It is also an online video converter which is available free of cost. This tool can also compress the video by reducing the file size effectively. User can directly upload the video that needs to be compressed online using drop box or through URL as well. This website gives an opportunity to download the video in a compressed format directly from YouTube links. There is no limit on the video file compression and the user also get a chance to compress video by changing parameters like video codec, target size, resizing video etc.

☞Pros:-Allow the users to resize, edit and compress at the same time.

☞Cons:-It is slower to compress multiple files.

  • This online video compressor can compress videos of popular formats like Avi, mp4 and MOV only. This tool is effective for resizing the video for sharing it online on social media platforms like Twitter, Face book and Instagram.

☞Pros:-Good for resizing videos and interchanging the file format.

☞Cons:-Too much advertisement distracts the mind.

  • case you are looking to reduce the file size of your video file that are in MP4/MOV or AVI format then this website can help you compress video. You can directly upload the file from your desktop or computer user can download the compressed video directly after uploading the file.

☞Pros:-Can compress videos of popular formats like mp4, mov and avi effectively.

☞Cons:-Not much options available for video compression.

Using Wondershare UniConverter software for video conversion has many advantages. It has no restriction to maximum file size that needs to be compressed. The software is not only compatible with Windows but is compatible with Mac operating system also. This software can easily be downloaded from official website of Wondershare UniConverter.