YouTube Offline: Top features of YouTube downloaders 2021

Top features of YouTube downloaders 2020

With spotty internet connectivity, it is hard to watch videos- during travelling or commuting to works. The crisis gets bigger if you are a fanatic about watching videos, and gets constant interruption due to disruptive internet connectivity. For those crisis periods, YouTube’s offline feature is a remarkable life saver that offers YouTube users to continue to watch. Launched in the year 2005, this online video platform engages audiences through a wide range of content, including educational videos, TV clips, movies, music, entertainment  stuff, gaming videos and much more. What you like to watch- ‘Type’ and ‘Search’ through your favorite content without that nagging buffering icon by the help of YouTube downloader

Enjoy your favorite videos on your iOS or Android devices even when there is poor network connection. Here’s some of the noteworthy YouTube’s offline feature to make maximum use of it:

Significance of YouTube Video Downloader

As we can’t download videos directly from YouTube- Yes it’s a challenging thing! However, with a Video Downloader app, download gets easy. Anyone can download videos from YouTube, the online platform directly on mobile or your PC device. There are some apps that help to download videos from various platforms like Vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion.

Following is a handpicked list of premium YouTube Video Download Tools, both commercial (paid) software and open source (free):

  •         Itubego
  •         SnapDownloader
  •         YouTubeByClick
  •         4K Video Downloader
  •         Softorino YouTube Converter
  •         Allavsoft
  •         Vidmate
  •         ClipGrab
  •         Airy
  •         VideoProc

Scroll down to explore more Youtube downloader Chrome extension options for saving your favorite content are as follows:

  •         vGet Extension
  •         FBDown Video downloader

To note: Not every video is available to download. Thus, it is imperative to observe if the video is available for your offline viewing, and get it downloaded for future.  Much of the popular YouTube videos can be downloaded, but there are some videos that you might come across, which are not available to download.

Features of a Video Download Application

FYI! To many users it is important to know that Video downloader applications have all the features to download a video from YouTube features from video streaming sites, and they are discussed below to make your binge watching easier. Some advanced features of video downloader apps include the following:

  1.           Limit the download speed
  2.           Compress videos by specifying resolutions, encoder rate and particular output size.

     iii.            Save videos to online drives, for example, OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox

  1.           Save playlists
  2.           Email videos to your own as well as other person’s account

Completely safe for the User

Yes you heard me right! Isn’t it a Video downloader app that represents a great option for video lovers like us? These are some typical safe options for downloading videos, as there are fewer chances of fraud alerts. However, you may pay attention to some apps, if unknown or new to market, which may contain malware. Therefore, as a user you need to ensure that you practice an authentic site for downloading your favorite videos. Only use those apps mentioned that have been tested and reviewed thoroughly by the researchers for a safe downloading videos online.

The world’s most popular streaming service, YouTube is all about experiencing engaging content- We already know what we can see there. Due to diversified services, you can link Youtube through multiple apps for a smooth browsing of all kinds of content. Explore various segments of YouTube in a more innovative way with less data usage and the best available video and music streaming combinations.